Kentucky Tragedy

Schwartz, W. B. - 1891-09-03KENTUCKY TRAGEDY
One Man Instantly Killed and Two Others Fatally Injured
LEXINGTON, Aug 28. – One of the bloodiest and most unprovoked murders ever committed in central Kentucky was enacted at Georgetown, Scott county, yesterday, in which one of the most prominent citizens and business men of the city was instantly killed, and two others were fatally wounded.
The difficulty started over a watermelon patch. Near Georgetown reside two families by the name of Kendall and Jarvis. The former has a large watermelon patch, and recently they accused the Jarvis boys of cutting their vines. Smarting under the accusation, the Jarvises went to Georgetown and swore out a peace warrant against the Kendalls.
The trial was set for yesterday morning. When they met in Georgetown the Kendalls opened fire on the Jarvis boys, who were said to be unarmed. In the firing, A. J. Montgomery was instantly killed while standing on the street, and the two Jarvises were each shot near the heart and are fatally hurt. Great excitement prevails, and a mob may be the result. The Kendalls were arrested.
The remains of the late A. J. Montgomery did not reach this city until Saturday morning, the connections at Indianapolis during the night having been…as to prevent the transfer being made from the eastern train to the Vandalia. Upon arrival the body was taken to the residence of Dr. W. J. Wolfe, from whence the funeral took place at 2 o’clock Saturday afternoon, the internment being in the Hill cemetery. Services having been conducted, by his pastor at Georgetown, Ky., previous to leaving there, no ceremony beyond a few songs and a prayer were held here, the burial being however conducted by the Masonic fraternity according to their ritual. Besides the family and relatives of the deceased, a large delegation of business men and former acquaintances of Mr. Montgomery attended the funeral. Hiram Teter, F. W. Schromyer, J. D. Sourwine, Peter T. Luther, A. W. Turner, and W. B. Schwartz acted as pall bearers.

“Kentucky Tragedy,” Brazil Democrat (Brazil, Indiana), 3 September 1891, p. 1, col. 3-4; digital image, Newspaper Archive ( : 6 February 2014).

1 thought on “Kentucky Tragedy

  1. davidmadison1942

    What a dramatic story….all over a watermelon patch. Probably a history of feuding and bad blood, however.,


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