A Bad Fight

Schwartz, W. B. - 1892-10-27 Full storyA BAD FIGHT

Prominent Men Engage in an Altercation.

Yesterday afternoon and evening seem to be set apart for general altercations among a few of our prominent citizens. At about 4 o’clock Attorney W. B. Schwartz engaged in a quarrel with W. W. Moore, of the firm of Moore and Ferguson, over some accounts which ended in a hand-to-hand combat. Friends interrupted and prevented serious damage. Mr. Schwartz, late in the evening, came in contact with attorney Albert Payne, and a quarrel was precipitated at once, which resulted in a fight. Schwartz was promptly knocked down, but during the melee he whipped out a knife and cut Mr. Payne about the head and face, also stabbing him in the back, but the latter wound is of no consequence, as his heavy clothing prevented the blade from entering the body. We are informed that friends were holding Mr. Payne when the cutting was done. The gash in the face is more serious, reaching from the forehead to the lower extremity of the nose, and while not considered dangerous, will leave an ugly scar for life.

Later, the reporter from several reliable sources gleaned the following statement covering the above trouble: Mr. Moore had intrusted the collection of a judgement with Mr. Schwartz, but as he failed to conduct the matter in what Mr. Moore deemed a professional way, Moore turned the collection over to Mr. Payne, who attended to the business satisfactory. Schwartz rebuked Mr. Moore for taking the business out of his hands. From this the trouble between Mr. Schwartz and Mr. Moore ensued. But this seemingly didn’t settle Mr. Schwartz’s wrath, he tackled Payne on the subject later in the evening. Notwithstanding he [Payne] insisted on Mr. Schwartz to go away and leave him alone, he continued arguing the matter. Finally forbearance ceased to be a virtue, and Mr. Payne cast his antoginist aside, whereupon Schwartz flashed a knife in a menacing manner. Payne hit him a light blow. Being in so close proximity that it was impossible to strike a hard lick. Almost at the same instant Schwartz struck Mr. Payne above the left eye with a knife sinking the blade to the skull bone, whereupon Payne knocked Schwartz down, and in some way was thrown on top of him by friends who interfered. While in this position Payne received two more bad cuts, one on the top of the head and the other on the side of the nose. After being pulled off of Schartz Mr. Payne’s coat was cut almost in schreads in the back by his opponent. Mr. Payne immediately swore out a warrant charging Schartz with assault and battery with intent to kill, who was bound over to the court in the sum of $500. County Auditor M. R. Yocum, signed his bond. We understand the case will be thoroughly tested in the courts.


“A Bad Fight,” Clay County Enterprise (Brazil, Indiana), 27 October 1892, p. 1, col. 3-4; digital image, Newspaper Archive (http://www.newspaperarchive.com : accessed 16 February 2014).

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