Letter from Ruthie (Ruth)

Letter transcription:

Bluffton, Ind.
July 16, 1943

Dear Jake,

The folks tell me you have a garden. How is it doing? We have been having so much rain that it is telling on the tomato fields. Floyd is gone again this week and since I have been working I can’t tag along so well. But a few weeks ago when he went to Chicago I went as far as Kentland and stayed with Gladys, as she probably wrote you. John & Mark were over to Ruth M’s but David was very much at home. You know David was to be my boy’s name but first here first served I guess! Even if I had had one I don’t think he could be a bit cuter than your David is.

[page 2] Floyd had a little good luck the other day. He figured out a price log for tomato prices and sent it into the Company. One day this week they sent him a $50⁰⁰ war bond for the suggestion and also a nice letter of appreciation, which made him very happy.

The last account I had of Glen he thought he would be moved again. He doesn’t seem to mind it so much as I thought he would.

I suppose you can tell that I don’t have much to write, but I want you to know that we don’t forget that you are out there doing your part. I hope we are going our part here. This pay as you go tax plan reminds us to the extent of 20% of each pay that we have a job to do. However we can always tighten our belts a little more if we need too.

[page 3] Glen writes that he doesn’t like v-mail so much so I thought I would try the old way again.

Since I have this written I’m not sure of your address so maybe you will get it and maybe you won’t.

Write if you run out of anything else to do –
Floyd & Ruth

P.S. After reading some of these punk letters, I’ll bet you wonder how you ever gave me a passing grade in that physics class way back in high school days –

Yegerlehner, Floyd & Ruth - c1930s

Floyd and Ruth Yegerlehner

©2014 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2014/10/12/letter-from-ruthie-ruth/

1 thought on “Letter from Ruthie (Ruth)

  1. davidmadison1942

    What a pleasant surprise, to find a letter from aunt Ruth!

    “I hope we are going our part here.” should read “doing our part”

    Well, I no idea about this! “I’ll bet you wonder how you ever gave me a passing grade in that physics class way back in high school days”


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