Smallpox Epidemic, Part LX

Indianapolis Journal - 1900-04-07 (Smallpox epidemic), p. 8MUST DO THEIR DUTY

State Health Board Proposes to En-
Force Laws.

At the meeting of the Indiana State Board of Health yesterday it was determined to insist in the future on the strict enforcement of the health laws of the State. Health officers will be required to do their full duty under the law, and physicians who fail to report deaths and births to the health authorities will be held amenable to the law. The board also took up the case of the two health officers who were charged with having failed to enforce the health laws. A report on the recent smallpox epidemic was read by Dr. Hurty, secretary of the board. Reports from Washington county say that out of 300 cases of smallpox only eighty-nine were reported to the board. Physicians who failed to report cases of which they had knowledge will be called to account.

“Must Do Their Duty,” The Indianapolis Journal (Indianapolis, Indiana), 7 April 1900, p. 8, col. 4; digital image, Chronicling America ( : accessed 3 February 2015).


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