Flower Blossoms (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Sept. 20, 1943
Lieut. R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60, F.P.O. S.F.C.

Dear Mother,

This is our regular native day so the practice is what you might say black.

Yesterday being Sunday we took a little trip and a swim. When we returned we stopped at an old orchard and collected some limes, mango and some flowers. I’m sending one of the flowers. I know it will be all crushed, etc. but the perfume may still be present. These flowers sell for $1.00 per blossom in New Zealand and Australia, and they can’t be bought in the U.S.A. I know when it arrives you won’t be able to tell anything about it but I’m going to send it anyway. The Island has lots of them and when you are near one of those brushes the perfume in the air is really wonderful. I’ve tried to press flowers to send but the colors seem to fade in the pressing procedure.

There hasn’t been any mail now for

[page 2] two days and of course we get impatient but we used to wait weeks on end.

If I remember correctly I got the news of D. arrival on Sept. 23 the day he was one month old. Of course I could be incorrect – you said Oct. 20 and that may be right.

A Dr. just came in the other day who had left the States Aug. 23. I’m really glad I came out when I did because I feel that I have a good chance of returning in the not too distant future. By that I mean months yet, but months don’t seems so long when one has been out years already. I say years and it is now going on two –

Loves of Love

1943-09-20 (RSY) flower

Pressed blossom from the Russell Islands, 1943

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2015/02/22/flower-blossoms-roscoe/

2 thoughts on “Flower Blossoms (Roscoe)

    1. Genealogy Lady Post author

      Yes, that was the actual flower! It was left in the envelope with the letter. If you look carefully at the letter you might be able to see the faint outline of the flower where it rested for 70 years.


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