Those Blasted Coconuts (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
USN Base Hosp. #4
Navy 133, F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
Nov. 7, 1943

Dear Mother,

Sunday P.M. and I enjoyed a long walk with a couple of other officers. It sure was a relief to see something other than those blasted cocoanut trees and the rolling land is a little more interesting than at the last place. To see paved roads, trains, street cars and autos even thought they drive on the other sided side of the road is a relief which is hard to explain. And another thing, which is different than the above, is fresh milk. I often drink two glasses per meal which you know is unusual for me. All the above sounds more than somewhat like a kid and I’ll probably be “ranting” along those lines for some time.

Mail comes thru to this place about the same as other areas out here but due to this address shifting of mine I’ll probably be a few days behind. V-mail might be a little faster here that at other places but don’t write too much of it – just keep the ratio about as you have in the past. I certainly or should answer

[page 2] lots of letters but it seems about as hard to write from here as from my former home.

You should have that second bunch of flowers which I requested a fellow to send. I’m sure he will send them but I’m not sure of when he will be there. You probably have them by now – I hope.

I almost forgot – today while on that walk I saw some very beautiful Iris and Tulips in full bloom, and strange as it seems they look just like the ones we have back there even though they are about six months late.

I’m having my blue suit cleaned & pressed tomorrow and the extra gold put on the arm. There were no bugs in it but it sure was needed pressing. It’s really cold enough to wear them here and it is we are also required to wear them if we go into town in the Eve. Of course, so far I’ve had no business there but might take in a show now and then to help pass away the time.

Here’s hoping you and the kids are OK.
Lots of Love

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Those Blasted Coconuts (Roscoe)

  1. davidmadison1942

    Back to his concept of civilization: “To see paved roads, trains, street cars and autos even thought they drive on the other side of the road is a relief…..” I’m always telling Chris Russell in the UK, “…the WRONG side of the road.” 🙂 🙂

    Too bad he didn’t have a cell phone/camera: “I saw some very beautiful Iris and Tulips in full bloom….” 🙂


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