Patricia Bryan

Patricia was the daughter of William Fletcher Bryan and his first wife, Wilma R. Martin. Fletcher served in the Navy, enlisting in April 1942 and working his way through the ranks. By September 1945, he was a Lt. (jg). Presumably, Fletcher crossed paths with Roscoe in Liberty, Missouri, but further research will be needed. Before the war, Fletcher was a school teacher as was his wife Wilma.

The most distressing part of researching people who lived long ago, I find, is that I know how the story ends. And sometimes the story does not have a happy ending. When Patricia was 15, she was killed in an automobile accident. Her mother Wilma died four years later, also in an automobile accident.

A link to a newspaper article regarding Patricia and her accident in The Corpus Christi Caller Times (Corpus Christi, Texas), 22 May 1961, p. 10, col. 3-4. can be found here.

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1 thought on “Patricia Bryan

  1. davidmadison1942

    Oh how horrible 😦 I see that it was open sports car. Of course, this was long before seat belts. 😦 And then the mother.


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