Fayette Friday – Eudora Scofield

Fayette Friday is a new series of posts on Fridays. My maternal grandfather, Eugene McGraw, a native of Fayette County, Indiana, counted among his ancestors many early settlers and leading citizens of the county. In the early 2000s, after visiting my grandfather in Indiana, I brought back to California a small family archive which included dozens of letters saved by my great grandmother, Ina (Kerschner) McGraw. My grandfather rescued them when he cleaned out his parents’ house in the 1970s. The collection contains a variety letters written to Ina, her siblings, aunts, uncles, and extended family. The letters connect many of the early nineteenth century Fayette county families, primarily the Scofields, Kerschners, and the Hacklemans.

Letter from Eudora Scofield to Hyatt L. Frost, undated.

  • Written before 1885 when Eudora married Osmond J. Condon in McLean County, Illinois
  • Also likely before 1880 when Eudora resided in Bloomington, Illinois
  • Hyatt L. Frost married Dora Burkheiser in 1882, Fayette County, Indiana
  • Eudora – born 24 August 1861, Connersville, Indiana, daughter of Thaddeus and Ellen (McCann) Scofield
  • Hyatt L. Frost – born 28 June 1860, Harrison Township, Fayette Co., Indiana, son of Eli and Melsena (Kerschner) Frost

Letter transcription:

Miss Eudora Scofield

presents her compliments to Mr. Hyatt Frost and solicits the pleasure of his company Friday evening 27th inst.

Connersville Indiana

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/07/28/fayette-friday-eudora-scofield/

5 thoughts on “Fayette Friday – Eudora Scofield

  1. davidmadison1942

    “My grandfather rescued them when he cleaned out his parents’ house in the 1970s. The collection contains a variety letters written to Ina, her siblings, aunts, uncles, and extended family.” What a treasure!

  2. thegenealogygirl

    How lovely. Is the ink purpley? (I am not seeing colors clearly because I am sitting in the reading chair in my 5 year olds room with my screen turned waaaay down. He has decided he is scared of everything and so here I sit until he is so sound asleep I can leave… I hope this phase is short lived. And thank goodness I have a quiet keyboard. 😂)

    1. Deborah Sweeney Post author

      Oh man! I hope he does grow out of it soon! Yes, the ink is purplish. Not sure if was originally purple or if the ink has faded over time.

      It’s so funny to read about her “dating” Hyatt Frost. He was the son of a many times great aunt. Eudora’s aunt (my 2x great grandmother) married the sister of Hyatt’s mother. 😁 Hyatt became a man of great standing, a popular lawyer.

      1. thegenealogygirl

        Me too! He has older cousins, they manage to scare him somehow every time they come to visit. They were here last week. Hopefully we are over it in a few days…

        I am always fascinated by the remnants of “other” relationships in my ancestors things. Just last week I discovered some photos of my bio grandpa with the girl he dated before my grandma. Apparently my grandma stole him away. If she hadn’t… Hmmm… I wonder how that works…? Of course, they divorced four kids later when my mom was four so I’ve only met him once. I wonder if he ever regretted being pulled away from that other girl?

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