David’s Dairy – February 6, 1970

Friday, 6 February 1970

Didn’t get up til after 9:30. While shaving had a phone call from Don McGaw re: Alan Federick and other items; Alan is now in therapy 2 times as week at Boston College. I finished shaving, began or rather continued work on my sermon, with an interruption to look through the mail. We had lunch about 12:00. I took Bonnie to work—Debbie along—then stopped by the photo shop to pick up slides, stopped at Mals + grocery store. Came home, put Debbie down for a nap—then discovered that the photo shop had made prints instead of slides! Made some preliminary preparations for supper. Then woke Debbie up. Went to Busseys, then to the photo shop to discuss their mistake; then Jim and I went to the hospital for a meeting on drugs—exploring the possibilities of FFR money being used. This lasted til 5:00; we picked up Bonnie downstairs, returned to Busseys, picked up Debbie, and got home just about a minute before the Burtons arrived—we weren’t even in the house yet when they drove up. We spent the rest of the day with them; had supper, relaxed in my study, listened to the recording Tom Jones, then played Tripoli—I won! Then sat around talking for a while. Then Bonnie and I bathed (together)-then off to be, LO, 1:35.

Saturday, 7 February 1970

Up about 9:30. We had breakfast with the Burtons—spent a lethargic and slow morning together. They left about 11 o’clock. I took two pictures. Then I got to work. Made a little bit more progress on my sermon, Had lunch close to 1 o’clock. Then I set out on the afternoon’s errands. Went to the church to change the wayside pulpit—went to Richdales and bought a bottle of grape-juice. Came home, prepared communion. Then went to see Esther Longley. She’s 76 years old—and had her first haircut this last week—she was unable to take care of it long. Then went to see Mr. + Mrs. Hannibal. Shortly after 4:00 came home and went immediately to see Lucy Patience. I served communion to Esther + Lucy, but not Hannibals—Rip didn’t want it; he’s in a very bitter mood these days. After I got home I worked on the sermon further. Had supper around seven; finished the sermon. Then did the bulletins. Took time to read Act I of The Time of Your Life William Saroyan—the play for tomorrow night. This afternoon Debbie broke a bottle of Vaseline—had minor cuts, made a major mess. In a non-theist , and not-rational way (!) will define God as: “the power of love which is alive in the universe” not a person; not a personality; a power.  Supra human? I doubt it—unless it’s present in other creatures of the universe, on earth + elsewhere. Bathed, read more in play, OBLO 12:40.

Sunday, 8 February 1970

Bonnie noticed Debbie’s 7th [?] tooth today.  Up about 8:40. Had breakfast, shaved—greeted my class at 9:30. We finished the Book of Amos. Left for the church; 38 in all; preached on the theme: “to love as never before.” We got home about 12:30. Had lunch—then I took up reading the play for tonight. Also dozed. About 3:30 Jerry Lewis called for us to meet him at Friendly’s Ice Cream Parlor in Gloucester—so that we could follow him to the Fisk organ company. We met him at 4:00. We got a good look at the organ being built for Old West Methodist in Boston—Debbie was on my back most of the time. I took quite a few pictures. We were home between 5:00 and 5:30. Very tired; we tried to nap; got up at 6:00. Fixed supper, then got ready to go. I took 2 pictures of Debbie in the new dress which Bonnie just made. Right after supper I called mother to see when she plans to come; she’ll be here the 27th; she fell and broke her arm! RSY mentioned that the birthday card to Lea from “Grandma Schultz” got mailed from Dallas! [1]  Bonnie left Debbie at Patriquins; Lewises picked us up, took us to play reading—a thoroughly delightful evening—with Mr. Rapp [?] sounding like W.C.Fields!—in the part of Kit Carson. We picked up Debbie about 11:00, came home, caught weather report; I bathed; OBLO 12:05.

Monday, 9 February 1970

Got a late start this morning—wasn’t up til after 9:30. Had a bowl of instant oatmeal at my desk. Began reading again in Cross’s book—made a phone call to Rev. Johnson in Boston re: FFR—he wasn’t in—too [sic] call me back. It was a nice mild (for Feb.) day—so I went on an errand for Bonnie to the bank. When I got back I took up with Cross again. We had lunch about noon time. In the afternoon, as soon as Bonnie left for work, Debbie went to sleep. I continued with Cross—also spent some time organizing the slides for the Dead Sea Scrolls presentation. Then late in the afternoon I turned to reading Matthew Blacks, The Scrolls and Xn Origins—after finishing Cross’ book. Correction: didn’t start on Black til evening. After finishing Cross I started working on raising the door to Debbie’s room—so she can’t climb over it—Bonnie came home. She worked on supper, while I worked on gluing another strip of wood to the door. After supper + CBS news, Bonnie went to chorus rehearsal at 8:00. I view[ed] the slides, put Debbie to bed, worked in Black, dozed off—had a phone call from Margaret Reilley; read; worked on slide talk. Stopped to bathe c. 12:00; read more in Black; OBLO 1:05.

Tuesday, 10 February 1970 

Up about 9:30. Had a bowl of hot oatmeal at my desk. Worked further on getting my Dead Sea slides in order. Completed (for the most part) notes to use tonight. When we had fixed lunch, I went up to get Debbie; she’d gotten ahold of a tube of Desitin—had smeared here + there, had eaten some. After lunch, and after Bonnie had gone to work, I took about an hour to build a small box to mount high above the dresser in Debbie’s room. Otherwise, my afternoon was pretty much devoted to getting ready for the Dead Sea presentation tonight. Phone call from Walter Aufrecht.  Had to get the living room set up. Late in the afternoon I remounted the door to Debbie’s room. It’s now higher. Also mounted the box which I had built. Shortly after Bonnie got home we worked on supper. The Bible Class arrived at 8:00—there were 8 in attendance besides Bonnie + myself. They seemed to find the presentation of slides very interesting. Right before Bible Class Loyd Starrett called and twisted my arm into doing a worship service Thursday evening for the ski trip kids. I agreed reluctantly. After the Bible class left we had some ice cream, after putting Debbie to sleep. She’s taken her sleeper and her diapers off—was in bed nude with a puddle of pee on the cushion beside the bed; prepared “abbreviated sermon” for tomorrow night; bathed; OBLO, 12:50.

Debbie, February 1970

[1] This was a running family joke for years. Lea had a bit of a hearing impairment, and once, when attending a graduation, she was puzzled to hear, over and over, “Will Grandma Schultz please escort [insert name of graduate] to the stage…” It finally dawned on her that the announcement was, in fact, “Will the Grand Marshall please escort…etc.” She broke up laughing and told her husband why. The story spread and members of the family joined in the fun, sending Lea birthday cards anonymously, etc. from “Grandma Schultz.” Part of the game was to get people traveling to distance points to mail the cards.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/07/29/davids-dairy-february-6-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Dairy – February 6, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    “She’s 76 years old—and had her first haircut this last week—she was unable to take care of it long.” She’s also the one who never left Rockport…in her life!

    “In a non-theist , and not-rational way (!) will define God as: “the power of love which is alive in the universe” not a person; not a personality; a power. Supra human? I doubt it—unless it’s present in other creatures of the universe, on earth + elsewhere.” The mind-games in seminary were mind-blowing!

    “She’s taken her sleeper and her diapers off—was in bed nude with a puddle of pee on the cushion beside the bed.” LOL i.e., NOW, but not at the time!


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