Fayette Friday – Fannie Gilchrist #3

Letter transcription:

Marion Iowa July 1 [likely 1873]

Dear Lena

I am ashamed to write to you after delaying so long, but I hope you will forgive me for I could not help it you know. I want to see you very much. I can scarsely wait until the time comes for me to come home. I do not know when that will be. Just to think I have been here over nine months, it does

[page 2] not seem so long to me, as perhaps it does to you, for I have been so busy, if I had not I don’t belive I could have stayed so long. I remember the morning I started from home as thought it had only been yesterday, you were looking at the cars coming into town, and there was to be an excursion that morning. I do not expect to write a nice long letter like yours, for I am not a good hand at writing letters. This has been a very warm day and is Friday afternoon. I have just come home from school I am sitting on the back porch. It is so nice and cool, Uncle has just had Lattice work put around it. I expect you are having nice times playing Croquit are you not? I would like to be there playing with you. I was invited to go to my Sabbath school teacher’s some evening and play. I

Fannie Gilchrist’s letter, page 1

[page 3] guess I will. Lena I have not been out in the woods this Spring I had several bouquets of wild flowers given to me. Who do you go with now? I mean what girl, I wonder why Lizzie don’t write I guess it is because I was so long in answering her letter. Does Marie Walker live at Mr. Merrill’s now? Can Em and Min play on the Piano yet? Would you please tell them for me Lena, to please excuse me for not writing to them for I could not you can tell them the reasons, and tell them I send my best regards. Have you seen Becca’s sister? And how do you like her? I remember telling you about Emma you know we thought she was going to get married, but she is not that I know of. I guess we are going to have a grand time here on the Fourth, you read the paper I sent Ma did you not? What are [on the first page]

Fannie Gilchrist’s letter, pages 2 and 3

[page 1 top] They going to do there? Have the children put the Croquet set out yet? Mamie says Zella can walk I want to see her so very much. We have such a pretty Park here it is just across the road from our school room, we go there at recess some times we hunt for four leaf clover and sit on the seats and tlk. They have iron chairs and settees and four large bases with flowers in. On the north side of it is the City scales with a little house attached to them and on top of this the band plays in the evening. Have you got many flowers? What do you do to keep your self busy? I expect you have enough to do. How is H. G. M. getting along? I mean the beautiful young lady across the street. Ma said Mr. Behner and Martin’s were not on good terms what is the trouble? How is Annie Quin getting along does she go to our house much now? Did you read her book and is it nice? She said she was going to send me one but did not. Have you heard from Ed lately?

Fannie Gilchrist’s letter, page 4

[page 4] He has not answered my letter yet. Are you reading the stories in the Presbeter? Isent Mr. Trerant mean? I think he is. I have such a pretty new calico dress I suppose Ma showed you the piece I sent her. Is Bell well? What is Ella dong? I have been to two afternoon parties this summer. I expect you will laugh when you read this letter for there isn’t much more than a line on about the same thing. I received your letter and I thought Charlie C was Charlie Coon. I could not think what it meant understand it until I read Ma’s letter. How do you like him? do you think he is prettier than Ed? I think he is. Did he get acquainted with any of the other girls? Could he play Croquet very well? Where did you do down town? Did he say

Fannie Gilchrist’s letter, page 5

[page 5] any thing about me? Lena if I ask you to many questions do not answer them. Is Pauline in C.? or in Indianapolis? I wonder why she does not write to me. Do you correspond with her? How is Mrs. Thomases baby getting along? And what did they name it? I think my pairsol is very pretty don’t you? Did you get you a new one this Spring? I wrote the first part of this letter before school closed. I am having vacation now you said you had so much to tell me I want you to tell me every thing you can think of. Please don’t wait as long as I did. You don’t ask me half enough questions so that when I write I do not know what to tell you about that would interest you. Have you seen Mr. Reppetoe lately? I don’t belive I told you I received a letter from him, but I have not answered it. I guess I have told you all I can

[page 4 margins/top] think of so I will bring my long looked for letter to a close. Give my love to all that may inquire for me. Much long to you all, the most for your self. Good bye please write to me as soon as you can. P.S. I expect Ma will wonder why her letter is so long coming I wrote it Monday but forgot to send it to the P.O. that is all from


Envelope addressed to Lena Schofield, Connersville, Indiana

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/08/25/fayette-friday-fannie-gilchrist-3/

2 thoughts on “Fayette Friday – Fannie Gilchrist #3

  1. davidmadison1942

    “you were looking at the cars coming into town” hmmmm, I wonder what this would have meant in 1873.

    “I expect you are having nice times playing Croquit are you not?” Still popular in the 1950s!

    “I expect you will laugh when you read this letter for there isn’t much more than a line on about the same thing.” LOL…yes, and so many questions!


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