David’s Diary – May 1, 1970

Friday, 1 May 1970

Today my left jaw (left side—under the ear) is much worse—more pain—it’s almost impossible to open my mouth—so my diet today was custard and soup and 7-up. In the morning Bonnie went to the drug store and got me an ice-bag—which helped to ease the pain. I didn’t have much ambition to do anything—certainly no reading. So I slept and watched the TV—saw some samples of American day-time TV—ugh! Bonnie went about changing many of the storm windows for screens—so I had some fresh air. I was able to get a better idea today of the extent of Nixon’s invasion of Cambodia—and reaction to it. I sure hope that Nixon wasn’t about to “snow” the nation last night like he did last November. Bob Peak called last night—wanted to come up to see us for the evening—but that of course had to be post-poned. Watched TV most of the day after late afternoon. CBS new—and (on chanel 2) also an historical documentary on the U.S. government’s treatment of the Cherokee Indians back in the 1830’s—reminds me of what we’re doing today in Vietnam—Cambodia—Laos.

Saturday, 2 May 1970

On Friday (May 1) I caught up on three days (i.e., Wed, Thurs., Fri)—now I catch up on two days—Sat. and Sunday. There isn’t much motivation for keeping diary when all one does is stay in bed, eating, sleeping, reading. I think it was yesterday that we got the word that the body found here in Rockport by the rail road tracks belonged to Sylvia Brown—the woman who has been coming to our church for several months. It was ruled a suicide. Sylvia was quiet, withdrawn—this was one of those cases where I had calling on her on the list of “things to get done” sometime. The trouble is one never knows when some matters are much more pressing than others. I did get more reading done on Saturday—in Bury’s History of Greece—so far its not terrible interesting. Last night before going to bed I typed out some of the guidelines for Tom to use in the service tomorrow morning—this simple task was exhausting.

Sunday, 3 May 1970

Bonnie got up and got herself and Debbie to Sunday School. Since Tom Raper didn’t know whether he’d had mumps—he decided to confer with me on the phone—which he did upon arrived in Rockport about 10:30. I was very tired—slept all morning—also very weak. My limited diet is getting to me. Soup and custard Bonnie puts through the blender so that I can take them through a straw! Other than my pills—if it can’t go through the straw—I don’t eat it. My fever is gone today—so I have felt more like reading—but again the weakness has been a problem. But the swelling hasn’t gone down—and I must keep careful of that side—icebag, pain medication—no sudden turns of the head, etc.

Monday, 4 May 1970

–MUMPS—in bed, slept, watched TV, vegetated

David’s diary, May 4, 1970

© 2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/08/24/davids-diary-may-1-1970/

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