David’s Diary – May 9, 1970

Saturday, 9 May 1970


Swelling mostly gone—but still some there. Most of the day I felt pretty droopy—spent time in bed—didn’t get up til after 10:00. The first part of the afternoon I spent out in the yard—in the lawn chair, by the strawberry patch—actually got some sunburn! Later part of the afternoon I was very weary and bored: too tired to do anything, yet not sleepy. We had a late supper. I watched TV 7:30–8:30, a CBS news special on the anti-war demonstration in Washington and the student strike in general. Then I typed the stencil for the bulletin. Then had cake and coffee; ran off the stencil, then read a while. Relaxed with WCRB “Saturday Night”—bathed. Read some more—I’m finally under way with B. J. Robert, OT Text and Versions. OBLO

Sunday, 10 May 1970

Couldn’t sleep last night—so I got up and read—until about 2:30. Bonnie got up about 8:00—but since I had no part in the service today I stayed in bed—and since I was up so late, I had no desire to get up. But I did make it up between 10:30 and 11:00. Shaved, I began working again on Robert’s volume. Also put lunch on so that we could have it as soon as Bonnie got home—which she did at 12:30. We ate, then I went to the front yard—read in the lawn chair. After while I went upstairs—napped for a while. Then went outside again—read. Bonnie was very ambitious and had been working hard in the yard. Then she brought Debbie out. So not much studying then. At one point I took a photo of artist Roger Deering who has been painting a scene on Hale St. About 6 o’clock I began supper—steak. After we ate I relaxed—then got to work again on Roberts. We got a call from Becky Bussey—they’re back from vacation. Then Jim called me later and we talked for quite a while. Then between 10:00 and 11:00 we bathed; watched the 11 o’clock news; Johnny Carson, OBLO 12:05.

Monday, 11 May 1970

Up about 9:15; had breakfast. Worked on Robert’s book. Was interrupted by phone calls, then about 11 o’clock Bonnie decided to take Debbie outside, so we all went out into the yard. I finished the roll of colour film and took a whole roll of B + W. About noon we had lunch—the[n] Bonnie left for work, and Debbie was on her own in her room. I worked at my desk—trying to get my sermon going for next Sunday—I spent sometime with Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations—an interesting book. A couple of times in the afternoon I went strolling in the yard, looked over the strawberry patch—also chatted with the artist Roger Deering who has been working on a painting—looking down Hale Street. I made the most progress on my sermon in the late afternoon—stopped about 6:00. Helped with supper after Bonnie got home. Had supper—watched CBS news. After eating I spent time in the yard again—did some trimming of grass out of the strawberry patch—then for a while Bonnie brought Debbie out into the yard. By 8:30 I was back to work again—and spent the evening until about 11:15 on the sermon. Bathed, watched some of Johnny Carson; back to sermon, finished 1:20. OBLO 1:25.

Tuesday, 12 May 1970

A lousy night—had difficulty falling to sleep and staying asleep—so I was in bed til late this morning—not up til after 10:00. I had breakfast, shaved, then did some work in the yard—but I was soon exhausted. During the noon hour I just relaxed—watched the news. When Bonnie went to work I put Debbie down for a nap, which she was ready for and I napped too. Got up about 2:30, had a small lunch, then got to work on my sermon for ordination—got it outlined. Late in the afternoon I took Debbie down to Kaye Patriquin so that I could go to the library—I needed to copy John Saxes’ poem on The Blind Man and the Elephant. Got home, chatted outside with next door neighbor, Rolland Villars. Shortly before 6:00 I came in, watched news. Had supper about 6:30. From 7:30–8:00 watched the special show—5 senators speaking about the Amendment to End the War. Went outside, chatted for a while with one of the men who’ve bought the house on the corner; wrote instructions on how to get here to Ned Albee, went to the P.O. The rest of the evening I worked on the sermon. Watched news; bathed; watched all of Johnny Carson; OBLO 1:15.

Rockport Street Scene by Roger Deering (Image from Invaluable auction house and gallery)

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/08/27/davids-diary-may-9-1970/

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