David’s Diary – May 9, 1970

Saturday, 9 May 1970


Swelling mostly gone—but still some there. Most of the day I felt pretty droopy—spent time in bed—didn’t get up til after 10:00. The first part of the afternoon I spent out in the yard—in the lawn chair, by the strawberry patch—actually got some sunburn! Later part of the afternoon I was very weary and bored: too tired to do anything, yet not sleepy. We had a late supper. I watched TV 7:30–8:30, a CBS news special on the anti-war demonstration in Washington and the student strike in general. Then I typed the stencil for the bulletin. Then had cake and coffee; ran off the stencil, then read a while. Relaxed with WCRB “Saturday Night”—bathed. Read some more—I’m finally under way with B. J. Robert, OT Text and Versions. OBLO

Sunday, 10 May 1970

Couldn’t sleep last night—so I got up and read—until about 2:30. Bonnie got up about 8:00—but since I had no part in the service today I stayed in bed—and since I was up so late, I had no desire to get up. But I did make it up between 10:30 and 11:00. Shaved, I began working again on Robert’s volume. Also put lunch on so that we could have it as soon as Bonnie got home—which she did at 12:30. We ate, then I went to the front yard—read in the lawn chair. After while I went upstairs—napped for a while. Then went outside again—read. Bonnie was very ambitious and had been working hard in the yard. Then she brought Debbie out. So not much studying then. At one point I took a photo of artist Roger Deering who has been painting a scene on Hale St. About 6 o’clock I began supper—steak. After we ate I relaxed—then got to work again on Roberts. We got a call from Becky Bussey—they’re back from vacation. Then Jim called me later and we talked for quite a while. Then between 10:00 and 11:00 we bathed; watched the 11 o’clock news; Johnny Carson, OBLO 12:05.

Monday, 11 May 1970

Up about 9:15; had breakfast. Worked on Robert’s book. Was interrupted by phone calls, then about 11 o’clock Bonnie decided to take Debbie outside, so we all went out into the yard. I finished the roll of colour film and took a whole roll of B + W. About noon we had lunch—the[n] Bonnie left for work, and Debbie was on her own in her room. I worked at my desk—trying to get my sermon going for next Sunday—I spent sometime with Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations—an interesting book. A couple of times in the afternoon I went strolling in the yard, looked over the strawberry patch—also chatted with the artist Roger Deering who has been working on a painting—looking down Hale Street. I made the most progress on my sermon in the late afternoon—stopped about 6:00. Helped with supper after Bonnie got home. Had supper—watched CBS news. After eating I spent time in the yard again—did some trimming of grass out of the strawberry patch—then for a while Bonnie brought Debbie out into the yard. By 8:30 I was back to work again—and spent the evening until about 11:15 on the sermon. Bathed, watched some of Johnny Carson; back to sermon, finished 1:20. OBLO 1:25.

Tuesday, 12 May 1970

A lousy night—had difficulty falling to sleep and staying asleep—so I was in bed til late this morning—not up til after 10:00. I had breakfast, shaved, then did some work in the yard—but I was soon exhausted. During the noon hour I just relaxed—watched the news. When Bonnie went to work I put Debbie down for a nap, which she was ready for and I napped too. Got up about 2:30, had a small lunch, then got to work on my sermon for ordination—got it outlined. Late in the afternoon I took Debbie down to Kaye Patriquin so that I could go to the library—I needed to copy John Saxes’ poem on The Blind Man and the Elephant. Got home, chatted outside with next door neighbor, Rolland Villars. Shortly before 6:00 I came in, watched news. Had supper about 6:30. From 7:30–8:00 watched the special show—5 senators speaking about the Amendment to End the War. Went outside, chatted for a while with one of the men who’ve bought the house on the corner; wrote instructions on how to get here to Ned Albee, went to the P.O. The rest of the evening I worked on the sermon. Watched news; bathed; watched all of Johnny Carson; OBLO 1:15.

Rockport Street Scene by Roger Deering (Image from Invaluable auction house and gallery)

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/08/27/davids-diary-may-9-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – May 9, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    A few days trying to bounce back.

    ” At one point I took a photo of artist Roger Deering who has been painting a scene on Hale St.”

    I wish I could remember him. How nice that you got one of his painting to include in the post.

    “then got to work on my sermon for ordination—got it outlined.” I’d forgotten about that.


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