David’s Diary – August 1, 1970

Saturday, 1 August 1970

Up about 8:00. I read for a while before Bonnie got up with Debbie; we had breakfast—then I got back to reading. I happened to remember that Mrs. Myers’ birthday is next Tuesday—so I went down to Tuck’s Pharmacy and picked out a card. I came home, wrote a letter to her; also wrote a note to Dr. Beck confirming our appointment for the 14th—and filling him in on info I found out about portraits. I took these to the P.O.—had a chat with Dick Bamforth. Came home, did the bulletins—read the mail when it came: a letter from Bonnie’s mom—and a letter from the Webber’s. Finished the bulletins; we had lunch around 1:00, after I had shaved. After eating I went to Gloucester—I had to see Jim about the service tomorrow—fill one another in. Came back to Rockport. Went to see the Hannibals. Came home about 3:30. Got back to my reading until supper time. After supper went to see the 7:00 showing of Alice’s Restaurant—a real cool show—enjoyed it very much. We then went to Patriquins—where Debbie was. Had “mug-ups”—came home about 10:00. Then I made preparations for tomorrow. Read a while; bathed; Θ; read a while—LO, 12:40.

Sunday, 2 August 1970

Up at 8:00. This was the first Sunday of the pulpit exchange. I shaved, had breakfast. Left the house shortly after 9:00. Stopped at the church to pick up my robe and leave off the bulletins. Then I went to Gloucester. I arrived early enough to consult with the organist (Mrs. Lilja substituting for the regular) and arrange to other details. I preached my sermon: Ishmael and Immanuel. Got a very good welcome. I was home in Rockport by 11:30. We had lunch—I spent some time relaxing after lunch with our new neighbor. I’ve had quite a few informal chats, since he’s doing work on his house—don’t even know his first name. Then from about 1:30 on my main concern for the day was Lindblom. I read until about 5:00. Then I went over to Lewis’—to consult with Carol on two banner designs. From there I went to the garden, got beans and squash. Home by 6:00. Read until 7:00, when we ate. I watered the tomatoes—then from about 8:00 on I read—this time I was able to finish—Lindblom, Prophecy in Ancient Israel. I then did some calculating: I’m about 60 pp. over half way through—but not counting biblical text, a big exception! —had snack, relaxed, bathed; OBLO 12:30.

Monday, 3 August 1970

Up by 9:30 after Θ. Had breakfast, wrote up a brief article for the Eagle—took it over to their office. Came home, then went right to the church to work on banners—I want to have two more made for next Sunday. I came home shortly after 12:00—I got the designs made, and some painting done. We had lunch, then Bonnie left for work. I had hoped to get a lot of reading done in the afternoon, but several factors inspired against me: let-down after finishing Lindblom, drowsiness, the article I was reading was uninspiring and poorly written—and part of the time the twins were screaming; Debbie was napping. But I did get something accomplished. When Bonnie got home from work we went to the garden—picked six ears of corn! We came home, fixed supper. Watched CBS news. Then about 8:00 I went back down to the church to work on banners. I didn’t get home until about 9:30—the painting took longer than I had anticipated—a lot of yellow. The banners this time are based on quotes from Martin Luther King and Tuihard de Chardin. After I returned home I turned to reading again: RBY Scott’s Intro to Isaiah in IB—but I didn’t make much progress before I got drowsy—but it looks like a good treatment. Bathed about 11:00; read some psalms and proverbs in bed; LO, 11:45.

Tuesday, 4 August 1970

Up shortly after 9:00. Shaved (which I didn’t do yesterday), had breakfast. I picked up Carol Lewis (and Chris) at 10:00. We went to the church to work on the banners. We finished about 11:40—they still had to dry and there was some erasing to do—so we didn’t hang them. I took Carol home, went home, had lunch before Bonnie left for work. Debbie was down for her nap, so I got to reading. Didn’t make much progress because the article I was reading wasn’t very clear at points and I had to reread. About 3:30 Debbie began waking up. I gave her some milk and graham crackers, then we went for a walk. We went to Silva Bros (via Mill Pond) to get some powder to put on the tomato plants—which are being attacked by worms. Then we went up Summit Ave (huff + puff!) to see the Hannibals briefly. Then home again. When Bonnie got home I went down to the church to clean up the clutter from making the banners and get them put up. Home by 6:00. Had supper, watched CBS news. After supper I tended to the tomato plants. I killed a lot of the worms, and powdered the plants thoroughly. Around 8:00 I got to reading, tho I stopped for a while to play with Debbie; spent the rest of the evening until after 11:00 reading—no bath. OB read psalms; LO 12:15.

David’s diary, August 4, 1970

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/09/24/davids-diary-august-1-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – August 1, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    “Then from about 1:30 on my main concern for the day was Lindblom. I read until about 5:00.” Nice stretch of reading time!

    “I went back down to the church to work on banners.” My artistic skills are pretty limited. I’ve mentioned photographing the banners….would be curious to see how good/bad the banners were!

    “Then we went up Summit Ave (huff + puff!) to see the Hannibals briefly.” I remember that hill…it was called Summit Avenue for a reason! 🙂


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