David’s Diary – August 25, 1970

Tuesday, 25 August 1970

Up at 9:30. Had breakfast, then got to reading; my hope for the day was to make progress in Bentzen. And for the most part my time was pretty much devoted to this. The morning was short, however—we hadn’t planned to be in bed that late. We had lunch about 12:15—Debbie was napping however. Shortly after Bonnie left for work I got a call from Roger Smith; his mother is in Maine; she had had fainting spells, and this afternoon had an operation to install a heart pacer. He called me back about 5:30 with word that the operation appears to have been a success. I spent the afternoon reading, although there were interruptions. I had a phone conversation with Gladys Haskell, and I fed Debbie about 3 o’clock when she woke up. I read until shortly before Bonnie got home; fixed supper, watched CBS news—just as it was beginning Jerry Lewis called. He and Carol wanted to go see The Sterile Cuckoo—and asked us to stay with Chris—we agreed. The(y) arrived about 7:00. About 7:30 I drove over to see Roger Smith, but he wasn’t home; I came home, got more reading done before the Lewises got back shortly after 9:00. We had a snack and a visit; the(y) left about 9:30. Read some more, then bathed about 11:00; read in bed; LO, 11:45.

Wednesday, 26 August 1970

[Top panel: took photos in Copley Square—afternoon + evening]

Up about 8:30—the day for going to Boston. After breakfast I went up to the garden to get some vegetables to take to Sestos—not very much available, but a few items. When I got home I shaved, finally we were ready to go—left home about 10:20. Upon getting to Boston we went directly to Sears—didn’t get much satisfaction in finding things we wanted. About noon we piled back into the car and headed for Sestos—20 Claflin [?] Rd in Brookline. We had our sack lunch with us—ate visited, then left by 1:30—we left Debbie with Cameron, Ezra and Estin. We went directly to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts—saw the special exhibit of Andrew Wyeth paintings—also ran into a former theo colleague, Jim Marlowe—working as a guard—attending the museum school. We saw a film after looking at the painting—the World of Andrew Wyeth. A worthwhile afternoon; then we drove to Fisher Music co. by the Boston Common. I waited in the car while Bonnie bought music. Then we drive to the English Room (formerly English Tea Room); we hadn’t been there since when Bonnie was pregnant; had supper; then strolled to Copley Square—took photos. Then back to Sestos after 6:00. Visited with them until almost 10:00; headed home through Copley Square—to take photos of the fountain at night. Then headed for Rockport. Got home about 11:15. Bathed; headed for bed; LO. 12:05.

Thursday, 27 August 1970

Up about 9:30—I was surprised when I realized what time it was. Had to go down to Richdales for milk before we could have breakfast. The main word to describe my day is “lethargic”—all of us were pooped, washed out after yesterday. I tried to get my reading under way in the morning, but I found myself supervising Debbie out in the yard for a while. I got some reading done in the morning. I discovered that there was no bread for lunch, so I had to make another trip to Richdales for that. After lunch again tried to read. This was one of those times when I let everything distract me—my heart just wasn’t in my reading, and I didn’t get much out of what I did cover. Early in the afternoon Bonnie and I tried to get some leads on a new mattress, but no one wants to sell a queen-sized mattress by itself. I did get a little progress made reading while Bonnie went off shopping. She bought some flower patterned sheets. I fixed supper, after which we went to the show; Kay Patriquin stayed with Debbie—or rather vice versa. We went to the Little Arts Cinema to see The Boys in the Band—an excellent film—a frank, honest portrayal of homosexual life; 9 o’clock got to Patriquins—watched TV with them; came home c. 10:30, relaxed, bathed.

Friday, 28 August 1970

[Top panel: photos at Drue’s shower]

Up at 8:30 after Θ. We had breakfast, then Bonnie got to work finishing a garment to give to Drue at the shower—something for the baby. I had a slow start, but finally got going. Then about mid-morning we went to Gloucester—to do some important shopping. We went to Browns—got a mattress—at least ordered it. We had gone to buy a chair, but when we discovered that they would sell us a queen-sized foam mattress separately, we ordered it. We didn’t find just what we wanted in a chair, so went to Tompkins—and found a very comfortable chair—it was $120; the mattress was $80—so we spent over $200.00. We got home shortly before noon. We had lunch, Bonnie left for work—Mora was over doing her laundry. We visited while I had my lunch—I was still hungry and had more after Bonnie left. During the afternoon I got more reading done—although my progress was cut down because I napped. I then read, even got some done after Bonnie got home; I fixed supper. We watched CBS news. In the evening Bonnie went to Drue’s shower. I stayed with Debbie, played with her briefly, put her to bed, then read all evening. Finished Bentzer Vol. I—after Bonnie got home—Paul called shortly before she arrived; they’re coming Sunday; bathed; read; OBLO 12:25.

David’s Diary, August 28, 1970

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/10/03/davids-diary-august-25-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – August 25, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    “Then we drive to the English Room (formerly English Tea Room); we hadn’t been there since when Bonnie was pregnant…” This was an enormously famous place. But it was not as elegant as the name suggested…was famous for its rude waitresses!

    “She bought some flower patterned sheets.” I think I remember those.

    “The Boys in the Band—an excellent film—a frank, honest portrayal of homosexual life…” Wow…and me so entrenched in the closet. There’s going to be a new Broadway production of that play in 2018, with a terrific cast! http://www.playbill.com/article/jim-parsons-zachary-quinto-andrew-rannells-and-matt-bomer-to-lead-the-boys-in-the-band-on-broadway


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