David’s Diary – September 18, 1970

Friday, 18 September 1970

Up before 9:00. We had breakfast—Joe Stoner had been up early to go fishing—Dorothy had breakfast with us. We called Dr. Steadman in Magnolia—wanted to know his office hours; we have noticed Sully favoring his right paw. After breakfast, about 10:15 Bonnie, Dorothy took Sully over to Magnolia. I had intended to get to work on the sermon, but I was more in a mood just to read, rather [than] to create. So I got a start on the days quota. When Bonnie and Dorothy returned (without Sully—he has to stay til Sunday) I then went up to the garden. It had been a rainy gloomy day all day—so I picked in the rain + drizzle—eggplant, tomatoes mainly. Got home about noon. We had lunch. Bonnie had to leave for work; Dorothy and I finished lunch and cleaning up. Then she got ready to go for a walk—despite the rain. I then turned to reading—looked through the mail when it came about 2:00. Then I shaved. While I was shaving Joe arrived—he got back early. Shortly thereafter, Dorothy returned, and very soon they got on the road—shortly after 3:00. I then read until Bonnie got home about 5:00. Fixed supper, ate, read, watched CBS news. Read til about 8:30. We went to see Goodbye Mr. Chips at the LAC. Mora stayed with Debbie. We got home about 11:15. Visited with Mora. She left about 11:40. Bathed. OBLO 12:15.

Saturday, 19 September 1970

[Top panel: photo of grape juice]

Up about 9:00—had no breakfast, just a glass of juice—started work on the sermon, i.e., preliminary reading. But I certainly wasn’t much in the mood for starting to write. What a grind it’s going to be for the next 2 years, to write the weekly sermon. About mid-morning Bonnie mentioned the grape-juice—it needed to be strained once again and sweetened. So we went to work on that. After it was all done—and bottled—I took a picture. Somehow the peace and quiet of the house seemed to deteriorate late in the morning—the telephone kept ringing, the Garcia twins, Teddy, Mora were here—Carol Lewis dropped by. Finally amidst the confusion I had my lunch. About 1:30 Carol + Jerry left Chris with us for the afternoon—they went sailing with the Lashes. I shaved, then went to Crowells’—had a conference with Jean re: Fund for Reconciliation. Then I drove on over to the hospital to see selectman Richard Manson—he fell the other day, injured his leg pretty seriously. I was home by 3:30. Tried then to get to work on the sermon—although there were further interruptions. Jerry + Carol came for Chris; Mora did more laundry. I fixed supper; we ate about 6:30—Then I had to devote my evening to writing the sermon. Finished shortly after 10:00. Did the bulletins; then practiced the service. All prepared by about midnight; bathed; OBLO, c. 1 A.M.

Sunday, 20 September 1970

We had set the alarm for 9:00—but the phone rang at 8:00—and 2 more times before 9:00, so we didn’t get as much sleep as we had hoped. After finally getting out of bed about 9:00, we had breakfast, then I shaved, practiced sermon, then left for church. Today I preached the second sermon in the series on women of the Bible, today, specifically on Abigail and Bathsheba. We got home about 12:30. Fixed lunch; after eating, I relaxed, actually napped briefly. At 2:10 I got up, then drove over to get Virginia Bate; she stayed with Debbie while Bonnie and I went over to visit Winnie Gamage—just home from the hospital. I was given a tour of their new house—very lovely—unfortunately their church pledge doesn’t really reflect the wealth which was put into the house! At about 3:30 I went to St. Mary’s church. The 4 pastors of the JYF and Loyd Starrett met in Dick Bamforth’s office—and what a session! Lasted til almost 6:30. In general this can be said: some frank feelings were expressed, and Loyd Starrett finds it hard to accept criticism—he stormed out of the meeting, followed by Ernie Bailey—but they both returned. But not a very cordial parting; came home had supper—relaxed, listened to music—read some, but the evening wasn’t very productive—felt drained after such an emotional session; bathed about 11:00; OBLO, c. 11:30.

Monday, 21 September 1970

[Top panel: took pictures of Debbie with headphones]

Up about 9:00 after Θ—again w/o the foam, so we may have made a baby—a month ahead of time. Bonnie had a full roster of errands for the morning—so she was gone most of the time. I got some reading done while she was out, although I did have to take time to prepare my Eagle article and chat with Carol Lewis when she came by to leave some items—I informed her that the JYF is looking for leaders, and that we were interested in them. Bonnie got home shortly before noon. I went over to the Congregational church to approve the mimeographed program to be sent to members re: the new Sunday School program. We exchanged further reflections on yesterday’s heated meeting—from there I went to the Eagle office to leave my article. I got home, ate lunch, Bonnie left for work, Debbie went down for a nap—and I was able to devote the afternoon to reading. Late in the afternoon I set about fixing supper and we ate shortly before 6:00. Retired to the living room to watch CBS news. We all stayed in the living room for the evening—Debbie included. She enjoyed listening to music with the headphones—she kept them on longer than she ever has before. By about 9:00 she went to bed; then Bonnie gave me a HAIRCUT; after which I returned to reading; bathed about 11:00; read further in bed; LO, c. 12:25.

David’s Diary, September 21, 1970

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/10/11/davids-diary-september-18-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – September 18, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    “We had breakfast—Joe Stoner had been up early to go fishing.” For some reason, one of the things that I remember about Joe was that he liked to eat burnt toast. I mean REALLY burnt toast, as is BLACK.

    “What a grind it’s going to be for the next 2 years, to write the weekly sermon. ” Sorry to break it to you, Rev, it went on for SIX more years. 😦

    “I was given a tour of their new house—very lovely—unfortunately their church pledge doesn’t really reflect the wealth which was put into the house! ” That’s exactly the kind of thing Gladys would have said!


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