David’s Diary – October 4, 1970

Sunday, 4 October 1970

[Top panel:   3 photos]

Up about 8:15. Shaved, dressed—my class arrived about 9:20 on. About that time I got a call from Esther McLaughlin—cancelling play-reading which had been set for tonight here at our house. Too many people away or sick—then too, Bonnie has a nasty cold. My class was over about 10:15, I went to the church. We had an average sized crowd—today was communion. Got home about 12:30? —had lunch. Then we tried to nap a while—I refused to let Bonnie go the Open House for the Sunday School—she needed more to stay home and take care of herself. So I went about 4:00. Mailed an order to Cokesbury for several items. The Open House was not well attended—I had an opportunity for chatting with Ed Nutting and Dick Bamforth. Came home about 5:00—and started right to work on the Deacon’s Bench. We removed the rug from the dining room—it is now my work shop. I drew all the pieces on the wood, which I brought in from the garage. We then had supper, about 7 o’clock—in the living room—Debbie seemed somewhat bewildered. Then all evening I spent sawing, Bonnie knitted—I took 3 pictures as the work progressed, the[n] after midnight. We worked (Bonnie knitting) in the dining room, watched Johnny Carson, as I began assembling the bench. I bathed about 2:00; OBLO 2:20.

Monday, 5 October 1970

[Top panel: one photo of bench with Debbie]

Up about 9:30—not too enthusiastic to greet the day in view of the hour at which we retired last night. After breakfast I got right back to work on the Deacon’s Bench. Bonnie went to Gloucester, to Action, Inc., to apply for surplus food program—she also got groceries on the way home. She arrived home exhausted, she’s fighting a cold. I called the Lab to let them know that she wouldn’t be in to work. I went on some errands of my own—to the Eagle office with the church article, then to the Building Center for some more odds and ends. We ate around 1:00. Early in the afternoon I called Jerry Lewis at the Fisk Organ Co. I needed some drilling done on the arms of the bench—for the dowels—my bit can’t do the job properly. About the middle of the afternoon I went over there. Stopped [at] a grocery store on way home for orange juice. I went back to work on the bench until about 5:30. I went over to Lewis’—Jerry had brought home the tool used to smooth edges of wood. After supper I worked on the bench again—this was the way I spent the evening with the TV on [???] 7:30 went to get Carol Lewis—she went to Community Chorus with Bonnie. I had problems with splitting wood, mistakes on the blueprint. I returned the tool to Jerry about 11 o’clock. Worked on bench until about 12:30. Bathed, OBLO c. 1:35.

Tuesday, 6 October 1970

The phone rang about 8:00—Mrs. Paradis wanting to know if our electric power had just gone out—I turned on the lamp and reported NO—back to bed—15 min? later she called back to say everything was alright—I wasn’t too happy. Back to bed; got up about 9:30. After breakfast I spent some time getting one of the dining room chairs back together. Bonnie recovered the seats. Then I worked a while on the Deacon’s bench. Late in the morning I went to the Building center to pick up odds and ends. Got home, returned to work on the bench. We’d had a late breakfast, so didn’t have lunch. Bonnie went to work, and I continued on the bench. About 2:00 I had a couple of sandwiches for lunch. Started the spaghetti sauce for supper. Debbie wasn’t napping, so about 3 o’clock we went outside. I was occupied clearing the tomato patch and taking up the fences, getting the picnic table off. Debbie played around me while I worked. It was a beautiful afternoon—we had a pleasant time together. About 3:45 we came in—she was quite ready for bed. I then did a lot of sanding on the bench, then cleaned up the room after glancing through the paper. When Bonnie got home we invited Jerry + Carol Lewis over for the evening. We had supper; I baked + iced a cake, watched CBS news; Lewises arrived about 8:10—left about 10:30—it was an enjoyable evening; relaxed; bathed; OBLO; 12:20.

Wednesday, 7 October 1970

Up shortly before 9:00. Fixed myself a hearty breakfast because my morning schedule included working at the garden. I got to the garden about 9:30. Carol Lewis came over too, with Chris in the buggy. We first of all took down the long stretches of chicken wire on stakes which the peas had been on. The whole area was terribly overgrown with weeds + grass—so extricating the wire wasn’t easy. Then we set about trying to clear the grass and weeds. With one break, when Amelia brought us a great drink (ginger ale with tang, plum juice + mint leaf!) I worked through until about 12:45—and I was simply exhausted. After I got home I bathed, then had lunch. I immediately just wanted to flop—take a nap. Debbie was in a lively mood however—so there wasn’t much quiet. But I finally shut myself in the front bedroom downstairs—got some sleep. Got up about 4:30—read the paper—about 5:35 Jerry Lewis dropped by the house with the two arms for the Deacons Bench. These were replacements. B, D and I then went to Gloucester to Stop + Shop. Bought steaks for supper—came home, fixed it. Watched CBS news—TV all evening—as I worked on the deacons bench. Watched Nixon at 9:00—nothing new. Watched mediocre movie, Carousel—off to bed, LO 12:22.

David’s Diary, October 7, 1970

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/10/18/davids-diary-october-4-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – October 4, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    It’s so cool, now, decades later, to have the story of the creation of the bench!

    “The whole area was terribly overgrown with weeds + grass—so extricating the wire wasn’t easy. Then we set about trying to clear the grass and weeds.” No, the farming life is not for MOI.

    “Watched mediocre movie, Carousel” Ha! I don’t care for the plot…but the overture is fabulous.


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