David’s Diary – October 24, 1970

Saturday, 24 October 1970

Didn’t get out of bed til almost 10:00. Thus the morning was rather short. Tried to get going on the sermon, but when the mail came I went through it. The biography of John XXIII which I’d ordered came. The weather was simply beautiful—warm, sun out—so I decided to get some outside work done, i.e., cleaned the mower, put in new oil, prepared it for the winter. Debbie “helped” me—and in the process got rather wet; she had great fun with the hose. When the mower was ready, I brought the hose in, hung it in the basement. We then had lunch, it was after 1:00. I showered before eating, so right after was reading to go calling. I went to the Hannibals first, then went to the Den-Mar to visit Esther Longley; then I came home briefly—then went down to see Lucy Patience. I left her home about 5:30—dropped in to see Kay—stayed and chatted with her and Les about 20 min or so. Came home. Bonnie was preparing supper—I helped with it. She did her Xmas shopping this a.m., i.e., bought some things to send to her folks. After supper I had to devote the evening—aside from a couple of breaks to play with Debbie—to preparing for tomorrow. Worked on the sermon, which was a remake of last year’s reformation sermon; did bulletins; prepared SS lesson. Our mother Mollie had her babies—we noticed about midnight—put her back in the main tank. Bathed, OBLO; 1:35 (but time change, gain hour).

Sunday, 25 October 1970

Up about 8:15—shaved, prepared to receive my class—all were late—had 4; we read through Genesis 1-3, discussing differences and important features. About 10:40 I arrived at the church. An average attendance; I preached on the theme of the Reformation’s contribution the Bible study + reading. When we got home from church I set about moving fish around, i.e., Black Mollies back to tank #1, so that the new baby mollies could be put in tank #2 (only the neons and a lazy cat fish). We had lunch, I finished monkeying with the fish, tied to relax—I actually napped—fell asleep between 1:45 and 2:15. Got up, prepared to leave. Hazel Brady arrived at 2:30—we went to get Gladys Haskell, and then went to Wesley Church Gloucester for C.A.M.P. meeting. Main item of business was the drug program—also I got paid $280.00. This was over by 4:30. Came home, Hazel visited with us a while, then left. We prepared supper—the evening was spent working. I sanded the rest of the doors for the kitchen cabinet, Bonnie varnished. Then I started work on the doors for the bathroom shelves—i.e., I worked on the piece to mount the doors on—this had to be fitted. TV was on most of the evening—a series of good programs on channel 2; Bonnie introduced mother cat to the fish, who hadn’t noticed them yet. She is quite interested now! Bathed, read in bed; LO, c.12:50 Θ.

Monday, 26 October 1970

Up between 9:00 and 9:30. Had breakfast, shaved. My main concern for the morning was to get two Eagle articles prepared—the regular church news, plus an item about the upcoming drug program. I had to do some phoning—and got a return call before I could do the second one however. So in the meantime I took care of other things, i.e., some desk work, looking through mail. Then I went to the Eagle office very late in the a.m.—from there to the Post Office to mail Bonnie’s Christmas package to her parents. Then I went to L.E. Smiths + Building Center for paint and door hardware. Got home after noon, we had lunch, Bonnie headed for work. Early in the afternoon I napped for a while, did desk work. But my main concern was to get posters ready to put in the high school—tonight is an open house. I found the package of drug posters from last July program, simply altered them slightly—although this did take some time. About 4:45 I began working on supper and it was about ready when Bonnie got home. We ate, watched CBS news. Just when this was almost over, I went to the high school with the posters—came right back so that Bonnie could be at Chorus Rehearsal by 7:30. My evening was then spent working on the doors for the bathroom shelves—had TV on. I finally finished these—bathed about 1:00—up much too late; OBLO 1:40.

Tuesday, 27 October 1970

Up at 10:00. Had only a cup of coffee for breakfast—my main preoccupation for the day was desk work. I got a lot done—but there’s plenty more yet to do. Bonnie went out shopping part of the morning, and Debbie played with me in my study—I was doing things that didn’t require great concentration. We may be making some progress with her toilet training—she used her potty-chair today twice, once in the a.m., once in the evening. We’ve got it in her room, wired to the radiator so that she can’t carry it all over the room. After Bonnie got home from shopping we had lunch around noontime—then she left for work. I spent the afternoon at my desk—making phone calls, getting caught up on correspondence. I also prepared some more posters about the drug program. I had supper prepared by the time Bonnie got home, so we were finished eating by about 6:00. I then set off delivering posters. Took one to the community school, (stopped at Hazel Brady’s to pick up a check re: C.A.M.P.) went to the Tarr school, then to Pigeon Cove school. Stopped at Ornes for another check, chatted briefly with them—then came home about 7:30—The remainder of the evening I spent working on the doors for the kitchen shelves. By the time I quit about 11:15 I had the doors in place, with only routering edges and sanding yet to be done; bathed, watched some of Johnny Carson; OBLO 12:50.

David’s Diary, October 27, 1970

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/10/25/davids-diary-october-24-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – October 24, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    “We’ve got it in her room, wired to the radiator so that she can’t carry it all over the room.” 🙂

    All the carpentry work…I really don’t remember it at all. 😦 But the tradition continued…I’ve build so much stuff in our NYC apartment.


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