Random Record – Indiana vs. James Nesbit

Fayette County (Indiana) Civil Order Book F: 4 (Image courtesy of FamilySearch.org)

State of Indiana vs. James Nesbit
Fayette County, Indiana
Civil Order Book vol. F: 4
Spring Term 1845

State of Indiana }
vs. }
James Nesbit } Illegal Voting

The Prosecuting attorney in this behalf now comes
and the said Defendant in his own proper person comes also, and by
their agreement this cause is submitted to the Summary decision of the
Court upon the Defendant’s plea of Guilty—thereupon the Court assess his
fine in the sum of Five Dollars—It is therefore Considered by the Court
that said Defendant do make his fine to the State of Indiana, in the
sum of Five Dollars, and pay the Costs of this prosecution and stand Committed
to the custody of the Sheriff until said fine and costs are paid or replevied [1]
thereupon comes into Open Court John Little and acknowledged himself
Replevin Bail and Security for said defendant for the payment of said
fine and Costs according to law.

[margin note]

Fine paid Co. Treasurer as per Receipt of
Auditor—July 17th 1845—F. B. Thomas Clk.

[1] past tense of replevy —to take possession of goods or chattels under a replevin order

© 2017 transcription by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/11/06/random-record-indiana-vs-james-nesbit/

1 thought on “Random Record – Indiana vs. James Nesbit

  1. davidmadison1942

    Wish we knew more…illegal voting? Maybe he voted twice? Or wasn’t eligible? In 1845 $5 would have been a hefty sum.


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