David’s Diary – November 17, 1970

Tuesday, 17 November 1970

Up about 8:15; had breakfast, shaved off a 2-day beard; we had to be ready to greet visitors at 9:00: Homer Orne and Lawrence Swan came over to work on the kitchen faucet. I didn’t let them keep me from working; they were in and out a couple of times to get supplies. During the morning I went down to St. Mary’s to confer briefly with Richard Bamforth—I proposed his congregation joining with the Congo’s + Methodists for a COCU union Sunday morning service in the spring, with Bishop Mathews as speaker. He was willing. Other than this one trip out, I tried to get reading done in Deuteronomy. We had lunch during the noon hour and Bonnie left for work. After a while Debbie went down for her nap and I read until I got drowsy—napped a while. About mid-afternoon I called Bishop Mathew’s office; I discovered that he doesn’t have a free Sunday morning until 1972! However, his secretary suggested a Sunday evening in May—and perhaps a Sunday morning in March if some switching can be done. The rest of the afternoon I spent on Deuteronomy—I had supper [ready] when Bonnie got home; we ate, watched CBS news; at 7:30 I went to St. Mary’s for the Joint Church Committee meeting—had a good meeting, we were out by 9:30. Came home, relaxed, had a snack. Bathed about 10:30. OBLO 11:04.

Wednesday, 18 November 1970

Up about 8:15. Had breakfast—Homer Orne and Lawrence Swan arrived to do further work on the kitchen faucet; I occupied myself writing to the Bishop asking him to come to Rockport for a union worship service in the spring. When this was done I went to the Post Office with it; I also stopped at the church and turned the heat on—so that I could work on the banners in the afternoon. After I got home I had to go out again. I took Debbie for a brief walk; we went down to Mrs. Cooney to give her the Thanksgiving envelopes to address, then we went to Richdales for milk, then home—Debbie went right to bed for a nap. The mail had arrived, and while I was looking at it the mail man also delivered a box of books from Cokesbury, the ones I’d ordered for Christmas gifts—only one was missing and is to be shipped later. After lunch I went to the church and spent the afternoon working on two banners (based on the themes “Thanks Be To Thee O Lord” and “I Am the bread of Life”; got home shortly before 5:00. We had supper, then vegetated before the TV—we are being fond of The Storefront Lawyer; at 9:00 I went to Lewis to pick up sticks for the banners which Jerry prepares. Home shortly after 10:00; relaxed. Bathed  OBLO 11:15  Θ

Thursday, 19 November 1970

[Top panel: called Whittemore]

Up by 8:30—we were again paid a visit by Lawrence Swan and Homer Orne—finally, after 3 visits the faucets in the kitchen seem to be working properly. I shaved before they arrived, had breakfast. I was concerned to get my Thanksgiving Letter out today. Mrs. Cooney came by with the addressed envelopes. I wrote the letter, typed the stencil, ran it off. Then I got most of them signed. We had lunch at the noon hour. I finished signing them; about 1:00 I went to pick up Carol Lewis. She came over to help finish up the banners; I finished work on the letters, however, before we did that: folding, stuffing, stamping. We went to the church, did what painting and finishing touches were necessary—then we put them up. We had a cup of tea with Bonnie when all was completed. Then I took Carol home about 4:30. Came home—exhausted; I stretched out for a few minutes before beginning work on supper. After supper I relaxed. My call to Mac White was returned; he’ll be able to preach for me on Feb. 7—the day of Charge Conference. We watched CBS news. At 7:30 went to Patriquins. I had a brief session with Drue and Sully re baptism of Jennifer; watched Ironsides—then we had mug-up together; it was a very enjoyable evening. Home about 10:15. Relaxed; bathed; OBLO  11:15

Friday, 20 November 1970

Up about 9:30 after Θ—the first thing that I did was write the first paragraph of my sermon, since I’d been thinking about it before getting up. After breakfast I turned to upstraightening in my study—and I spent some time with the mail when it arrived, i.e., Life magazine. Bonnie did some housework in the morning, but it left her utterly exhausted, so I got lunch together—she left for work about 12:45—Debbie played in her room for a while before dropping off to sleep. I relaxed, read some in the Reader’s Digest—then got to work on my sermon in earnest—this was my main concern for the rest of the afternoon, and I finished the rough draft just about the time supper needed to be started. I had it ready about the time Bonnie got home. We ate, then relaxed, watched CBS news. About 7:30 I got back to work on the sermon, i.e., writing out the final copy. I finished with this shortly after 9:00—then did the bulletins, which I had done by 10:30. Debbie is coming along very well on the toilet training; she now has the idea that she has to pull her pants down before using the pottie. Her vocabulary continues to grow; yesterday she said “paperboy” very clearly—and she chanted it today when we reminded her about it. Bonnie’s grandmother called tonight; they’ll try to make it for Thanksgiving. Bathed; read  OBLO 11:45.

David’s Diary, November 20, 1970

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/11/07/davids-diary-november-17-1970/

3 thoughts on “David’s Diary – November 17, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    Whittemore was a bookstore. I probably made a note of the “long-distance” phone calls so that we could check the phone bill when it came.

    We often went to the Patriquins for an evening, dessert and coffee, which we called “mug-ups”…lifting our mugs to enjoy the beverage.

    Somehow I kinda remember Mr. Swan and Homer coming to the parsonage to fix the kitchen faucet.

    I remember Ironsides and The Odd Couple….but Storefront Lawyers…not at all.

  2. Debbie

    19th – ah the smell of the ditto machine ink. It’s been a while. Kids like me literally held the fresh worksheets up to our noses at school.
    What is this? [Top panel: called Whittemore]
    I remember Ironsides. Raymond Burr was always a favorite of my mom’s.
    Hmm – Mug-up? Google says it’s a study session.


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