David’s Diary – November 21, 1970

Saturday, 21 November 1970

Wasn’t able to get to sleep last night; I got up about 1:30, read until about 2:30—then went back to bed—although I still didn’t get to sleep immediately. So I was [not] too enthusiastic about getting up this morning, although I was up shortly after 9:00. Had breakfast, shaved. We wanted to get down to the church for the W.S.C.S. Fair. Bonnie + Debbie were ready before I was, so they went on—I followed a little later. I took my camera along to the church, to photograph the 2 new banners in the sanctuary—then I mailed the film away to be processed. Came on home, spent some time with the mail; Bonnie went to Gloucester with Debbie to do errands. About 11:30 I went back to the church to have lunch at the Wesleyan Fellowship Luncheon. I also wandered around a lot—then did a little to help clean up. But I came home about 2:00. With so little sleep last night I was pretty tired—so I slept. Bonnie, Debbie + I—we were all out, until about 5:00. Then we slowly came to life again. We fixed a simple supper. Then I went to my study to work at my desk. We also put Debbie’s room back to normal, i.e., we’ve made enough progress with the pottie training to put back the carpet + the big bed (D. has been sleeping in the crib); I spent the evening working on the service, clearing away desk work, phone calls; had snack too; bathed about 11:00; relaxed, read; OBLO, 11:41.

Sunday, 22 November 1970

Up shortly before 8:30—quick breakfast, shaved, practiced part of my sermon before my Sunday school class arrived—had 5. We finished the story of Ruth, then read the story of Abigail. I got to the church about 10:40—had a good sized crowd, almost 40. I preached on the theme, “Thanksgiving for Things Unseen”—we were home by about 12:30. Fixed lunch, then relaxed—I also wrote a letter to Mrs. Myers. Mother suggested that I begin again to write her once a week. I also put a copy of this morning’s bulletin in the envelope. I took the letter to the P.O.—came home and gave in to the temptation to nap. Slept until about 5:00. Then I read briefly on Deuteronomy. Bonnie expressed a desire for Sweet and Sour Pork—so we called up Drue to ask about a Chinese restaurant—the closest one is in Gloucester—China Port at Grant Circle. So we went over there—had a marvelous meal, altho the atmosphere was hardly “chinese” —pretty Americanized. We got home before 7:30. Relaxed, gave Debbie her bath. About 8:00—after putting Debbie to bed, we started trying to reach Paul and Marty—but no success all evening—either no answer or all circuits were busy. Finally gave up about 11:15. I worked on Deuteronomy all evening—in von Rad, Weiser, finished rereading Deut itself; no bath; OBLO, 11:37.

Monday, 23 November 1970

Up before 9:30, had breakfast. One of my errands was to take 200 Thanksgiving bulletins (blank) over to Ernie Bailey, who’s in charge of the Community Thanksgiving Service. After I got home I did some reading on Deuteronomy before the mail arrived. The post man brought New English Bible—OT and Apocrypha, plus several hundred pamphlets on COCU. I then read, until Bonnie got home from shopping. We had lunch. I had to take Bonnie to work—so Debbie went along. Then when we got home we had about 45 minutes before having to leave for the garden. I tried to rest; Debbie used the pottie chair, with toys in it! —so that had to be cleaned up. We got to the garden about 2:15—huge pile of manure had to be spread over the garden. I was joined by Carol Lewis and Barbara Cornell. —and later Ann Fisk. It was hard work, but good exercise, or so I tell myself. It certainly aggravated my head cold. I’d suffered mainly from some congestion—but after getting home really had runny nose. Grandmother Fisk took care of Debbie during the working. We went directly to the hospital. When we got home we fixed supper, then relaxed, watched CBS news—Bonnie went to community chorus rehearsal. When she got home we wrapped Christmas presents for the folks to take back to Indiana for everyone; bathed about 11; OBLO 11:45.

Tuesday, 24 November 1970

Up about 9:00 after Θ. Had breakfast, then turned to working at my desk, played with Debbie for a while. I had hoped to get some reading done, but my head cold was leaving me rather weak and lethargic—and I felt more like resting since I had so much ahead of me today. I spent some time with the mail when it arrived—Nat’l Geographic. Then about noon we fixed lunch. Margaret Reilley arrived about 12:40 to take care of Debbie. Bonnie and I left about 1:00. I left her at the hospital, then headed for Boston. I arrived at BU just about 2:00. I went to the bookstore, bought a copy of Playboy, went to the BUST library, did some xeroxing, got a mail box, then headed down to the Copley Square area. I had called ahead to a bookstore and they had 2 books of I.F. Stone which I wanted. I picked them up, then headed to Cambridge, to Harvard Coop. Found one book of interest for Carol Lewis for Christmas—about 4:45 I headed back to Boston—to the English Room for supper. From there I went to Logan airport, arrived about ½ hour before Folk’s arrival time. They arrived just about on time, we headed for Rockport, got here about 8:15. Visited, ate, told them about Bonnie being pregnant. Played with Debbie, visited; OBLO, 11:50.

David’s Diary, November 24, 1970

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/11/08/davids-diary-november-21-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – November 21, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    “all circuits were busy” well, that’s the way things were, way back then!

    “Debbie used the pottie chair, with toys in it! —so that had to be cleaned up.” Ha ha!

    “From there I went to Logan airport, arrived about ½ hour before Folk’s arrival time. They arrived just about on time, we headed for Rockport, got here about 8:15. In time for his birthday. 🙂


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