David’s Diary – November 25, 1970

Wednesday, 25 November 1970

Up by 9 o’clock. Had breakfast—my cold was still with me—in the mornings the congestion is worst—so I didn’t feel like doing much of anything. After breakfast the folks and Bonnie were interested in going grocery shopping. I made a quick trip to the church to turn on the heat for working there in the afternoon. When I got home they left, Debbie stayed here—played in her room. The mail man arrived—but not much of interest. When Bonnie and the folks arrived back I helped put the groceries away. Then I spent some time in my study. It was sometime in the morning that I hung the color print of the painting by Hans Hoffman that I bought at the Harvard Coop yesterday: “Song of the Nightingale” —I put it above my desk. After lunch I stretched out for a while, then about 1:30 went down to the church—the afternoon was spent making banners for Advent. About 2:30 3 of the girls in my Sunday School class joined me. Got home about 5:00—helped with supper. Shaved before eating; after supper I worked on the prayer for this evening’s service. Got to the Baptist church about 7:45; Dean Geo Peck from Andover Newton gave a fine sermon. We picked up Debbie [at] Lewis’ afterwards—folks got to meet them; came home, showed slides; had snack; Bathed about 11:00. Read in bed for a while. OBLO, 12:30.

Song of the Nightingale by Hans Hoffman (Image courtesy of http://www.wikiart.org)

Thursday, 26 November 1970

Up after 9:00. Had breakfast; put the turkey in the oven. I went down to the church to change the wayside pulpit—the notice about the Joint Sunday School had been on it for weeks, but now I wanted an announcement about Jennifer Lee’s baptism which is coming up this Sunday; while I was at the church I did a little more work on the banners. When I came home I retreated to my study, did some reading in Playboy and Newsweek. We had our Thanksgiving dinner about 1:00—very delicious. Then I retreated to my study again and spent a good part of the afternoon working through one section of Eissfeldt’s Introduction on Deuteronomy. As I was about to finish with it, Bonnie and the folks went out for a walk. Debbie was in her room—we didn’t know whether she’d been sleeping, but we weren’t prepared to get us all together for the walk—so I stayed with Debbie, played with her for a while in her room. When Bonnie and the folks got back we fixed some supper—just snacked on leftovers from noon. The evening was spent watching the tube—News—then for the major part, 8:00 to 11:00 we watched “Oklahoma”—I’d seen it on the screen several years ago, but it was fun to see it again; watched news; OBLO c. 11:40.

Friday, 27 November 1970

[Top panel: Black + White photos of RSY, Bonnie, church]

Up about 9:30. Had breakfast, shaved (2 days worth)—I first of all put some thought into preparing the petition to the selectmen re: an article in the town warrant for Project NUVA money. When the mail came I spent some time with it—a letter from Bishop Mathews to the effect that he can preach at a Sunday morning service on March 14—great news! Also a box of slides came. Right before lunch I went to the church to turn on the heat and to take a few photos. When I got home we had lunch; at 12:45 Mom and I took Bonnie to work, then we stopped in Gloucester to get mimeo-paper—also I did some browsing in Browns. Came home, then I went to Ornes to confer on various items of church business—and to take their picture. (These photos are for a packet to send to one of our elderly members in California who hasn’t been in Rockport for years). From the Ornes I then came home briefly—left for the church to work on banners. Jim Bussey came by about 5:30 to take some of the banners to his church—he helped me put some new ones up. Came home; had supper, watched CBS news; watched a UNICEF program on TV—dated + numbered the new box of slides; we viewed them; most of the evening I helped mother type genealogy stencil—then ran it off; OBLO c. 12:30  Θ

Saturday, 28 November 1970

[Top panel: pictures of Debbie in her room—deacons bench]

When I looked at my watch this morning it was 10:10—we got up immediately. After breakfast the mail came—another qualifying book arrived. About 11:30 Bonnie and mother set off shopping. Dad, Debbie and I stayed home. He read, went for a walk; Debbie played and I worked on my sermon, i.e., copying and revising slightly my sermon from 1968 on the 1st Sunday in Advent. About 12:30 Dad + I had lunch, then I shaved, went back to work on the sermon. About 2:40 Bonnie + mother arrived home (Bonnie had a new winter coat), then I went off on my errands for the afternoon. Had to take photos of Bertha Wicky, Esther Longley, Esther Swan. Went from Bertha’s home to the Den-Mar. From there I went to Jerry + Carol Lewis’—bought the peace medalion for mother which Jerry had just finished making. Stayed about ½ hour there, then went to see Rip Hannibal, and on to see Lucy Patience from there; I took her picture too. Came home—we then very shortly had supper. After supper I spent the evening working on tomorrow’s service. Had to do bulletins and prepare for the baptism of Jennifer Lee Sullivan—baptisms are few and far between. Also had a chance to visit some with the folks; bathed; practiced sermon. OBLO 12:50

David’s Diary, November 28, 1970

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/11/09/davids-diary-november-25-1970/

3 thoughts on “David’s Diary – November 25, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    The banners, sad to say, were pretty mundane: made of paper, which came in big rolls. We painted right on the paper.

    I’m not a big fan of modern art, but somehow the paintings of Hans Hoffman appealed to me.

    Oklahoma…a nice piece of Americana for Thanksgiving day!

    “baptisms are few and far between” Yes, mainly an elderly congregation.


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