David’s Diary – December 15, 1970

Tuesday, 15 December 1970

[Top panel: took several photos of Debbie at dining table with puss cat in background]

The phone got me out of bed at 8:30. Mrs. Bornne [???] reported that Phil Parker had just been carried out of his house and taken away in an ambulance. So I shaved (2 days worth) immediately, then called the hospital. They told me that Phil had just been released—so I decided to go to their house. I was on Parker [???] street when I ran out of gas—the first time I’ve ever had that experience. I made my way home quickly, got the gas can, went to the Gulf station, then started back to the car—I bummed a ride with Homer. Then on to the Parkers—Phil has an infection in his inner ear, leaving him dizzy and sea sick. I was home about 10:00. Tried to sleep, but no luck; spent some time with the mail when it came; fixed lunch. Bonnie was pretty droopy for most of the morning. After Bonnie left for work, Debbie played in her room, I worked at my desk—preparing the Xmas newsletter. In the middle of the afternoon I studied; typed newsletter stencil late in the afternoon. When the paper came, I found my letter re: the peace sign. I had supper ready when Bonnie got home—we ate, watched CBS news. In the evening I played with Debbie, ran off about 500 copies of parish news service stencil (the 1st arrived in the mail today) (copies for Wes. + Riverdale); finished work on the Xmas newsletter and also wrote a letter to Pat Harry—sent 3 photos. bathed 11:30. OBLO c. 12:10.

Wednesday, 16 December 1970

[Top panel: took several pictures of Debbie —]

Up about 9:30 after Θ+ —even before having breakfast I went on an errand, i.e., I went down to the church and to the Post office. At the church I changed the wayside pulpit and took photos of banners. Then I went to the P.O. to mail the Xmas letters to the congregation, also mailed the letter to Pat Harry. Had a chat with Hazel Brady who was at the P.O. When I got home I had breakfast, Bonnie went off with Debbie shopping. She also took Carol Lewis + Chris. I worked on my letter to Esther Norwood with the photographs. Bonnie, Debbie, Carol + Chris arrived home while I was working on this. We all had lunch together; after eating I shaved, then took Carol home—then I went calling—I’m trying to get a whole list of calls made before Christmas. I went to see Bertha Wicky, Esther Longley and Lucy Patience—three whose photos are being sent to Esther Norwood. I didn’t get home until about 5:30. Then Bonnie and I prepared a very simple supper. After eating we watched TV for part of the evening—CBS news, etc. Also I got some studying done—although I really haven’t gotten into the swing of this in earnest; much of the day we’ve enjoyed WCRB—all Beethoven in celebration of his 200th birthday. Didn’t bother to bathe; OBLO, c 12:13.

Thursday, 17 December 1970

[Top panel: 2 photos of Debbie after midnight]

Up about 9 o’clock—even before we were out of bed the mail man delivered a small package: another stencil from the Parish Paper Service—I just got one on Tuesday! After getting up had breakfast, then did desk work—also was able to get the stencil run off—at least some of it: ran out of paper. We had lunch about noon. Then I shaved and we prepared to leave—big storm blowing—it hit during the night: torrential rain (what a mess if it had been snow!). It continued all day. About 1:00 we left Debbie with Carol Lewis, then went to the Doctor’s office—she saw Dr. Stelluto—then we had a conference with him together; he will allow me to be at the door of the delivery room. We ran into Becky Bussey while leaving—and we don’t want people to know that Bonnie is pregnant! We then went to Busseys—to pick up and leave off items; then went to Gloucester Camera Shop + Normans office supply—Mals + Stop Shop. Then we went to Lewis’ to pick up Debbie; we had tea + pie with Carol. Came home, prepared photos to be sent to Bonnie’s folks; prepared supper. Ate about 6:30—watch[ed] CBS news; 7:30–8:30 wrote to Bonnie’s folks; 8:30–10—Ironsides + Odd Couple. After this just relaxed—Bonnie wrapped some Xmas gifts; discovered flooded basement; moved some items to higher ground; bathed; c. 12:30 took 2 pictures of Debbie asleep on the deacons bench, then OBLO.


Friday, 18 December 1970

Up at 9:00—shaved, had breakfast; had a 10 o’clock appointment with Ernie Bailey at his house. On the way I stopped at the P.O. to mail the letter of photos to Esther Norwood and the letter + photos to Bonnie’s folks. Then I went right to Baileys—we talked until almost 11:30. The purpose of my visit had been to make clear to him that he + the Baptists are quite welcome to be observers or participants to whatever degree they choose in the COCU discussions and undertakings. He does not like COCU or Ed Nutting—clergymen seem to develop very strong allusions [???] to one another—and are experts at devising reasons for not being cooperative. I got home about 11:30. Shortly thereafter we set about fixing lunch; after eating Bonnie left for work. Debbie played for a while in her room. About 2 o’clock I took her for a walk down to the bank to cash a check—then she went down for a nap when we got home. I worked on my sermon until about 5 o’clock. Bonnie’s Xmas present was delivered, so I had to work feverishly to get it wrapped by the time she got home. We ate shortly after she arrived. Watched CBS news. At 7:30 we took Deborah to Patriquins. Then went to N.S. Shopping Center to do Xmas shopping. Got back to Patriquins about 10:00. Stayed til shortly after 11:00. Came home, relaxed; bathed; Read I.F. Stone in bed; LO, 12:53.

David’s diary, December 18, 1970

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/11/16/davids-diary-december-15-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – December 15, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    ” I ran out of gas—the first time I’ve ever had that experience” and I don’t think it ever happened again. 🙂 Of course it helps not owning a car for 40 years!

    ” much of the day we’ve enjoyed WCRB—all Beethoven in celebration of his 200th birthday.” That’s one of the dates I’ve had in my head for years, Dec 16, Beethoven’s birthday.

    Great photo of you at the dining table. 🙂


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