David’s Diary – January 9, 1971

Saturday, 9 January 1971

Up at 7:00. Read chapters 1-4 of 1 Timothy, and the first 3 chapters of Numbers. Then shaved—after which I reviewed in Mowinckel until Bonnie and Debbie appeared downstairs. We had breakfast together, then I called the Busseys to find out how the meeting went last evening: Riverdale + Wesley Pastor-Parish relation boards met, Jim announced his resignation and his move to Arizona—and Mac White announced that R + W are now on a 2 point charge, with John Dunnach appointed. Although everyone was surprised and shocked, there was little anger apparently. Right as the phone conversation was coming to an end, Homer Orne came to the door. We had a brief conference on several matters. Shortly after he left the mail arrived and I took time to examine it.  After lunch I turned to working on the bulletins. After finishing these I went to the church to rearrange some of the banners. When I got home Bonnie went to Busseys to buy some of their things which they’re wanting to sell: file cab., lamps. I helped get them in the house when she got home; while she was gone I practiced the sermon, tried to nap. We fixed supper, then in the evening I did a little desk work, but also worked on the service—practiced the sermon again. Also worked on my Sunday School lesson: beginning in Mark—we’ll just read right straight through it. Relaxed, bathed  OBLO  11:20.

Sunday, 10 January 1971

Up shortly after 7:00. Read chapters 5 and 6 of I Timothy, then Numbers 4-6. Practiced sermon. Shaved; Debbie and Bonnie were downstairs by this time. Dressed. Prepared to meet my Sunday School Class. We began Mark’s gospel. The girls are [not] always right on time—in fact tardiness is a problem—so we didn’t have too much time. Read through Mark 1:1-34. Will just take our time and go through the whole gospel. I was able to get to the church by about 10:40. Preached on COCU—“What Does God Require of Us?”—insisting that we have to study the Plan of Union fairly to arrive at the answer to the question. Home and had lunch by 1:30. I stretched out and fell very soundly asleep. Late in the afternoon I got up and did a little studying. But then had to fix supper. Between 6:00 and 6:30 I wrote my weekly letter to Mrs. Myers, then about 6:40 went to the Congregational Church. All the Methodists were there at 7:00 or shortly thereafter, but the Congregationalists + Episcopalians had been told 7:30. So we sang hymns til everyone had gathered. 33 in all: 3 clergy, 20 Episcopalians, 7 Methodists, 3 congregationalists. I, speaking for the clergy, led the meeting—suggested 10 week study, 3 groups—based on the Plan of Union. The surface feeling seemed to be warm and receptive—but tonight’s meeting wasn’t designed to get feelings out in the open pro or con—and we tried to emphasize we had joined together to study—not be persuaded; Bonnie was [at] a play reading all evening; I picked up Debbie from Patriquins about 10:15. Came home, relaxed, had pie, started new batch of bread. OBLO c. 11:30.

Monday, 11 January 1971

[Top panel: called Ann Fisk today to inquire about the Herlihys joining the garden—indefinite; small angel fish died]

Up shortly after 7:00. Read 2nd Timothy, chapters 7-10 of Numbers. I had a headache. I’ve never been drunk—so I’ve never had a hang over, so I don’t know what that’s like—but I imagined that a hangover couldn’t feel much different than what I felt like! I stretched out on the bed in the front room—I didn’t fall asleep, but I got up about the time Debbie and Bonnie were emerging. After breakfast it was a busy morning. I had a couple of letters to write—to Mrs. Balf (league of women voters re: C.A.M.P. business) and a letter to Cokesbury. Plus finish my letter to Mrs. Myers and prepare my Eagle article. I left the house about 11:50. Went to the Congregational church office to get a sheet xeroxed. Then to the Eagle office, then to the P.O., then home. After lunch Bonnie was off to work, Debbie played in her room. I then made my bread. By the time this was finished (i.e., bread in pans on radiator to rise) I was exhausted—again I stretched out—was dozing when Ed Nutting called. After that I was gradually feeling well enough to study. So I got some work done before Bonnie got home from work. She was feeling so lousy that she had a simple supper in bed—early in the evening she was feeling better. Debbie and I ate together downstairs. Watched CBS news, cleaned up kitchen. 8:00–8:45 paid visit on Barbara Olson + Albert Tarvis—their father very ill; home by 9:00. Relaxed, snacked—no more work accomplished; bathed. OBLO c. 11:05.

Tuesday, 12 January 1971

[Top panel:  called Sears in Boston]

Up shortly after 7:00. Read Titus and Philemon, then Numbers 11-15. Shaved. Then began rereading Johnson’s article on Psalm Studies in Old Testament and Modern Study. This occupied me until Bonnie and Debbie arrived downstairs. We had breakfast, then I turned to this article again until the mail arrived. I spent a few minutes reading some articles in the New Republic. We had lunch during the noon hour, then Bonnie left for work. Debbie went to play in her room. I went back to reading. About 2 o’clock I stretched out for a few minutes and was revived. Then I read the rest of the afternoon. Finished Johnson’s article. Then turned to reviewing. Reread Albright’s chapter on the JE complex and Kitchen chapter on literary criticism. I looked through the paper when it arrived—Bonnie arrived home while I was so occupied. We fixed a simple supper. Then I went back to reading (in Kitchen); at 6:30 watched CBS news, etc. 7:30–8:00 played with Debbie—her favorite request these days is “house—up high” meaning that she wants me to build a high structure with her blocks. Most of the evening I had an upset stomach and was rather uncomfortable. But I finished Kitchen and turned to Kaufmann’s essay on the antiquity of P. [1] Bonnie was out for the evening at Community Chorus Board meeting. I stopped studying shortly before 10:00. Prepared a written statement of my studying for Beck. Bathed. Relaxed, read; OBLO 11:30.

[1] In this diary entry, JE and P refer to the hypothesis that the first five books of the Old Testament, the Pentateuch, were the creation of several authors. The J author used the name Yahweh for God (or, with different vowels, Jehovah—hence the “J”); the E author used the name Elohim for God; the P author represented a separate priestly class. The D author created the Book of Deuteronomy. It’s complicated:


David’s diary, 12 January 1971

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/11/26/davids-diary-january-9-1971/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – January 9, 1971

  1. davidmadison1942

    “worked on my Sunday School lesson: beginning in Mark—we’ll just read right straight through it.” And these days I’m working on a series of articles on each chapter of Mark. 🙂

    “I’ve never been drunk—so I’ve never had a hang over, so I don’t know what that’s like…” Well, that would change eventually. 🙂


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