David’s Diary – 7 February 1971

Sunday, 7 February 1971

Up about 8:15. Shaved. Had breakfast. Greeted my class of 4 at 9:30. I brought it to a close by about 10:15—left for the church. This was the Sunday of the D.S.’s visit—and Mac didn’t arrive until about 10 minutes til. Had a good crowd: 48 counting everyone. He preached for over 30 minutes and didn’t mince words about matters, on racism, changes for the church to make, etc. And predictably the Marrs were furious—at least George was—on his way out he said something to the effect that I should speak to my own people, i.e., the D.S. shouldn’t have been asked to preach—and he said it in front of Mac—thus demonstrating once again the capacity of the Marrs for rudeness and lack of kindness; they don’t understand the concept of disagreeing in love. After the service we had the Whites up here for noon meal—had a good time. About 1:30 they left for Gloucester—we followed at about 1:50. Vicky stayed with Debbie. The Annual Charge Conference c. 2:00–4:00 went well; at its conclusion Jim Bussey left—for Arizona. When we came home we rested. But I also had to read the play—since I had the lead role—I finally resorted to reading just my parts to get all the way through. We ate about 6:00. About 7:15 we took Debbie to the Patriquins, went to the Lash’s for the Play reading; the play was Mademoiselle Colombe [1]—I was Julien. We picked up Debbie about 11:00; came home, relaxed, NT: Matt 6; OT Ezekiel 7; OBLO c. 12:10.

Monday, 8 February 1971

[Top panel: called McGaw;  NT: Matt 7, Ezekiel 8]

Up between 9:00 and 9:30—after Θ. Had breakfast, then got to work at my desk. I wrote my weekly article for the Eagle. Then I wrote to Mrs. Myers—also did some phoning. About 11:30 I went to the Post Office, then to the Eagle office, then to see Ed Nutting. I took him the libretto to Jesus Christ Superstar—he’s going to have it mimeographed—on the 21st we’re going to be presenting it to the public—i.e., playing the record—and people have to be able to follow along. I got home shortly after 12:00. We had lunch, then Bonnie left for work. Debbie played in her room. I also put together one of the twin beds that we’d bought. Took measurements for the needed plywood and mattress. The rest of the afternoon I was in the dolldrums—after all the pressure and flurry of the last few weeks, I wasn’t about to push myself. I did work some at my desk, but I also picked up again the Perry Mason mystery, The Case of the Rolling Bones—which I hadn’t touched in days. I read in it, dozed. Also I read the chapter in the COCU plan of Union scheduled for tonight. I had supper just about ready when Bonnie got home—a few minutes early. After eating I went to Richdales for milk—when I got home I bathed Debbie. Bonnie is having such pain from sciatica that she can’t bend over. Bonnie went to community chorus. My COCU group was supposed to meet. Only 3 showed up—a miserable evening weatherwise. They left about 8:45. I read Perry Mason, relaxed; had snack when Bonnie returned. Finished Mason novel; OBLO  c. 11:50.

Tuesday, 9 February 1971

[Top panel:  called Sesto  OT: Ezekiel 9-10; NT: Matt 8]

Up shortly after 9:00. Had breakfast, shaved—and then we left on our morning’s major errand: getting a mattress for Debbie’s bed. We went to Brown’s—no luck, then to Tompkin’s. There we bought (for $30) a foam mattress, and brought it home in the back of the car. Before leaving Gloucester I picked up photos at the camera shop. 5 slides—I had made into prints. When we got home we looked through the mail—then after eating I went to the building center—bought a 4X8 sheet if ½ in. plywood—to use in Debbie’s bed. Also screws. When I got home Bonnie went with Winnie Gamage to Salem to buy carpet—they were gone all afternoon. I was planning to work on the bed, but I soon discovered that I’d bought the wrong sized screws—so the afternoon was spent relaxing really. I dozed for a while, but also watched TV—i.e., the recovery of Apollo 14—perfect landing; but also saw some special coverage of the Los Angeles Earthquake which hit at 6:00 AM California time. 6.5 on the Richter scale—a lot of damage—death toll has been going up all day. Shortly before 5:00, since Bonnie wasn’t home yet, I left Debbie with Mrs. Paradis—went to the Building Center for the right screws. Bonnie was home when I got back; we prepared supper. After eating worked on bed, watched CBS news and other TV while completing work on the bed. Finally about 9:45—after doing some phoning—studied Hebrew for a while. Bathed while watching John Carson, whose show was in L.A.—slight tremor while on the air! OBLO c. 12:50.

David’s diary, 9 February 1971

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colombe_(play)

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/12/07/davids-diary-7-february-1971/

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