David’s Diary – 25 February 1971

Thursday, 25 February 1971

Up about 9:20. A rather lethargic morning—didn’t get around to doing things until late—for some reason I was moved to attack the large pile of papers on my desk that needed to be filed. About noon time a big truck from Almy’s arrived with our new dining room carpet. They brought the right carpet but the wrong pad. But we accepted it since the delay would have been 8 to 10 days. Fixed lunch, then I went back to work on the pile of papers. Finished about 2:00; then I shaved. Set off on some errands. Returned a rug to the church—the one we’d been using here in our dining room. Stopped at town hall to check on procedures for challenging on floor of town meeting the “indefinite postponement” of article #25. Then I set about setting up and re-arranging things at the church in preparation for tonight’s meeting on NUVA. Went to Amelia Fisk’s to get cookies she’d baked for tonight. Came home, relaxed, worked some at my desk, had supper about 5:30. NT reading: Matt 27-28. OT: Ezekiel 28. Watched the first few minutes of CBS news, but then left for the church. All the panel showed up—but only 10 in the “audience”! We all sat around one table. For the most part talked about strategy for Town Meeting—responsibility seemed to devolve on me for organizing the drive to get #25 adopted. Home shortly after 11:00. Relaxed, bathed. OBLO 12 o’clock   Θ

Friday, 26 February 1971

Up about 8:40. Even before eating I immediately composed a letter to the editor of the Gloucester Daily Times—as was requested by the NUVA meeting last night. Bonnie had to take Debbie over to Gloucester to Dr. Klein for a vaccination, so she took it to the newspaper office. After they’d left I had some breakfast, did some phoning. The mail arrived: a letter from Dick Marr (and Alex), to the effect that they would give $50 to the paint fund if the banners come down from the sanctuary! Needless to say, I will not yield—even if they offered to pay the whole $520! What a deplorable, childish tactic—as if there were no opinion but theirs in the church. Again we see that they regard this church as their private chapel. We fixed lunch during the noon hour—Bonnie left for work. Debbie and I went to her room to build a “house” with the building blocks. She surprised me with her immediate identification of “hexagon”! Bonnie had taught her the word. She knows square, circle, triangle—and hexagon! Also several numbers and letters. She’s at the stage of noticing letters on cereal boxes, etc. During the afternoon I baked bread and worked on my sermon. Late in the afternoon I put together a meat loaf. We had supper not too long after Bonnie got home; watched CBS news. 7:30–8:15 I worked on my sermon; got 90% done—rough draft. 8:30–10:30  we spent at Patriquins—watched The Odd Couple with them. Drue was there—all were disgusted by the Marr letter. When we got home we cleared out the dining room for laying carpet tomorrow; bathed; OT: Ezekiel 29; NT: Luke 1:1-25. OBLO 12:15.

Saturday, 27 February 1971

Up about 8:00. Sydney Gamage arrived about 8:30. We set to work laying the carpet in the dining room. I had never laid carpet before, so it was a learning experience. We hammered the tacked strips of wood into place all around the edge of the floor. Put down pad, cut it; then put down the carpet and began fitting it exactly to the wall. After getting me started, Sydney left, but he didn’t take his tools, so I went ahead. And this took the whole morning—it was about 12:30 when I finished. We hurriedly put things back in the room, including the dining table—ate lunch. After eating I shaved, rushing somewhat because I had a 2 o’clock meeting. I returned Sydney’s tools, then walked to the church. The 2 o’clock meeting was a negotiating session with the boys in the rock group and some members of our Ad. Board: Gladys Haskell, Jean Crowell, Homer and Sarah Orne. We met for about an hour, and worked out the rules for the boys using the church. When I got home, Carol Lewis was here—Jerry had gone to the shop and left her to visit with Bonnie. After visiting for a while I tore myself away to work on my sermon. I hadn’t got much done when Don and Lawry arrived. Jerry also arrived, so the Lewises left soon after D + L arrived. We relaxed, visited, fixed supper. Ate, relaxed more. But I finally had to get back to work on the sermon and preparing the service. Bathed about midnight, but still had to work; OBLO  c. 1:00 AM  OT: Ezekiel 30; NT: Luke 1:26-80

David’s diary, 27 February 1971

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/12/14/davids-diary-25-february-1971/

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