David’s Diary – 27 March 1971

Saturday, 27 March 1971

Up shortly after 9:00—Θ w/o. Shaved, had breakfast. I had recalled last night while falling asleep that I hadn’t written to David Watson in ages. So that was the first order of business. Also made up a quick order to Whittmores for envelopes. Late in the morning I left the house. I went to Ornes to get a check for the Whittmore letter. Then to the Post Office—mailed the letter to David Watson (75¢) + to Whittmores. From there I went to Gloucester—to Mals. I wanted to get Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Waters—but couldn’t find a copy that said stereo. I got a frame for my great grandfathers picture. Got some groceries at Stop + Shop, then headed home about 12:30. One of the highlights of the noon hour was Debbie breaking a dozen eggs that I’d brought home—all were salvaged. My afternoon was spent calling. First of all, about 2:15 I went to see the Hannibals, whom I hadn’t seen since March 6th. About 3:15 I went to see Lucy Patience—I took communion to her. I had planned to make a couple of other calls, but I dropped these, came home about 4:45. Helped fix supper. After eating I looked through several back issues of Playboy, looking for a review of some rock music—but with no success. Then turned to completing my final copy of the sermon—also prepared the service. Went down to the church to check that the boys had left the place in order; home again; listened to records; practiced sermon. Bathed, listened to radio  OBLO 12:07  Θ.

Sunday, 28 March 1971

Up shortly after 8:00—shaved, had breakfast, practiced most of my sermon before my class arrived. We heard more of Jesus Christ Superstar—got to the half-way point. Went to the church about 10:40. Average sided congregation; I preached on the meaning of the phrase, “Back to God.” Didn’t get home til late—about 12:45. Fixed lunch, then after eating napped. Bonnie was especially exhausted, and Debbie was so tired she actually asked to go to bed. I napped until about 2:30—at which time I had to get up to go to a meeting = C.A.M.P. at Wesley. I picked up Gladys Haskell on the way. Didn’t get home til about 5:00. Bonnie was in a lot of pain—as it turns out it was largely gas pains. We’ve been having baked beans for the last few days, and they’ve been causing trouble to all of us! About 6:00 or so I went down to Richdales for ice-cream for Bonnie. We ate when I got home—Bonnie’s condition improved. In the evening she went down to Patriquins so that Drue could give her a haircut. I stayed home with Debbie—I wrote a letter to Gary Myers—sent him some photos of Debbie. Wrote my Eagle article—and got some reading done. Not much, but some. Heard on the news that Mike Mansfield [1] sees Muskie losing some ground to McGovern—I hope so—Muskie isn’t that bad—but McGovern is great. This evening I transferred 14 baby guppies to B tank—so there are now 21 guppies in that tank; had snack when Bonnie got home; bathed c. 11:45   OBLO  12:20.

Monday, 29 March 1971

Up about 8:30 or so after Θ. Behind schedule, so I didn’t bother to shaved, had breakfast. First went to the Post Office to mail the letter to Gary Myers, then stopped at the church to change the wayside pulpit. Arrived at St. Mary’s about 9:45. No one there at all—so I studied in peace. Dick Bamforth dropped in briefly about 11:15 and we chatted. I arrived at my stopping point about 11:30. Came home; letter from mother which I read, then went to the Eagle office with the church news, which I’d written last night. Home about noon. We had lunch. Debbie slept through lunch. After Bonnie left for work I continued with my reading. When Debbie woke up about 3:00 I gave her a snack. But she was content to play in her room, so I continued with my reading—and began preparations for supper on toward 5 o’clock. We ate shortly after Bonnie got home. From 6:00–6:30 I did more reading. During CBS news and What’s My Line I clipped articles from old New Republics—Lt Calley [2] found guilt today—what a sideshow, a farce—thousands of U.S. servicemen are just as guilty as Calley—and just where is the dividing line between guilt and innocence. The taxpayers buy the weapons; the voters approve of LBJ or Nixon, who set the hideous policy—Nixon is just as much a war criminal as Calley. About 7:15 Bonnie left for Chorus rehearsal. Early in the evening I wrote to Mrs. Myers/copy for my folks; Debbie went to bed about 8:00; I spent the evening reading—finally finished Bright, History of Israel, relaxed, snacked, bathed  OBLO  c. 12:15.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Mansfield

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Calley

David’s diary, 29 March 1971


©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/12/27/davids-diary-27-march-1971/

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