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Sunday’s Obituary – James H. Lawhead

Lawhead, James H. - ObituaryJames Henry Lawhead

Was born in the state of Ohio, January 5, 1840, and departed this life at his daughter-in-law, Mrs. J.F. Lawhead Feb. 18, 1920, aged 80 years, 1 month and 13 days. He was united in marriage to Martha Burch, near Bloomfield, Ind. To this union were born three children. His wife and three children preceded him in death. He was again married to Margaret Rea, near Bloomfield, Ind. To this union were born seven children. The wife and four children preceeded him in death a number of years ago. He united with the M.P. church at York, Ill., some thirty years ago and lived a faithful Christian to the end. He leaves two daughters and one son, one step daughter and one step son, a number of grandchildren and eighteen great, grand children to mourn his departure. He had been a sufferer since N [?] But bore his suffering with patience always trusting in his blessed Savior. Only last Sunday he told the relatives and friends that “he wanted to go home to Heaven if it was the will of God.” Thus reconciled with all men and with his God he passed over the mystic river and is now at rest in the land that is fairer than days. May his mantle fall upon another and his good work go for others.

The funeral service took place at U.B. church, Robinson, Ill. Rev. W. H. Duncan was in charge and interment took place at Hutsonville cemetery.

-Newspaper Unknown, likely published in Hutsonville or Robinson, Illinois, 1920.

Minerva with her father James Lawhead, son James R. and grandson (c1908)

Minerva with her father James Lawhead, son James R. and grandson (c1908)

James Henry Lawhead was the second known son and child of Joseph and Cassandria (Harding) Lawhead. He was likely born in Marietta, Washington County, Ohio as reported on his death certificate.[1] The family migrated at least twice during his childhood. The census records the family living in Guernsey, Ohio in 1850,[2] and then moving onto Greene County, Indiana by 1860.[3] As a young man, James worked as a farm laborer in nearby Lawrence county, Indiana and was enumerated a second time.[4]

James married first Martha (Lafoon) Burch on 3 November 1861, Greene County, Indiana. They were the parents of three children: James Francis, Margarett A. and a third unknown child (presumably an infant which died young). At the time of their marriage, Martha was a widow with three children: Paris Burch, Ortha E. Burch and Ruth Burch. It is likely that this marriage ended in divorce. James was married again in 1868, and Martha was still living in 1870.[5]

James married second Margaret A. Rea, the daughter of George and Sarah (Jewell) Rea, on 5 December 1868 in Greene County, Indiana. They were the parents of seven children: Jasper R., Emily H. “Emma” and Minerva [twins], Saphrone, Parey, Casan and Joseph. The last four all died as infants. James and Margaret did not remain in Greene County, but moved to Crawford County, Illinois soon after their marriage.

Sometime between 1900 and 1910, James and Margaret moved to Peach Orchard, Arkansas for a while. Their son Jasper had settled there. After Margaret’s death, James married for a third time in Arkansas, a widow named Cora Perkins, on 5 December 1908. James later returned to Crawford County where he died in the home of his daughter-in-law, Belle Lawhead.

Even though James’ obituary states the he was buried in Hutsonville Cemetery, no grave has been found.

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Surname Saturday – Lawhead or is it Laughead?

Open Court sound spelling cards

Open Court sound spelling cards

My great grandmother’s maiden name was Lawhead or most likely Laughead. Lawhead is one way to phonetically spell  the name and it is how I see the name spelled most often, especially in written records like censuses. If you know anything about teaching children to read, as I do, the Open Court reading program (which we use in my school district) has a card for the /aw/ sound.  It’s called the Hawk card and it gives two spellings for /aw/: aw and au. There have been a few occasions where I have seen the name spelled Laughead which leads me to believe that Laughead is the proper spelling of the name. I can also easily picture semi-literate people spelling Laughead as the more phonetic Lawhead. Some instances of the name being spelled Laughead are on my grandmother’s birth certificate and my Great Uncle Jim’s middle name.

A quick search on the internet has provided virtually no meanings or crests for the name Lawhead/Laughead. It is actually quite funny when landing on the meaningofnames.com website, they have posted “the meaning of Laughead has not been submitted”. So what’s a girl to do? I have deduced that Laughead is probably related to the Irish Loughead or the Scottish Lochhead and left it at that for present.

Marriage record of Joseph Laughead & Cassandria Harden, 1838, Belmont County, Ohio

Marriage record of Joseph Laughead & Cassandria Harden, 1838, Belmont County, Ohio

I lose the trail of this family pretty early in the 1800s. The last Laughead I have is Joseph, my grandmother Gladys’s great grandfather. According to census records, he was born about 1817 in Pennsylvania. In 1838, he makes his first appearance in written records on his marriage certificate in Belmont County, Ohio. Coincidently, the surname is spelled Laughead. There are several other Laugheads and Lawheads living in this region of Ohio at that time as well. I seem to keep circling around them trying to figure out how they all fit together.

1850 Census Seneca, Belmont County, Ohio for the family of Joseph Lawhead

1850 Census Seneca, Belmont County, Ohio for the family of Joseph Lawhead

On the 1850 census, Joseph, Cassandria and their 5 children lived in Seneca, Guernsey County, Ohio. Enumerated with the household is an older woman named Basheba Lawhead. She was aged 60 years and was also born in Pennsylvania. Because of her age, I have always gone under the assumption that Basheba was possibly Joseph’s mother. I have yet to find any evidence of this, either way.

Joseph and his family moved further west and settled in Greene County, Indiana for a time. Along the way, another family of Lawheads always seemed to be around. This family had a son Elijah G. Laughead who was about the same age as my James Henry Lawhead. In 1860, both young men worked as farm hands for the family of William McNabb. Elijah eventually married Mr. McNabb’s neice, Mariah. And many years later, one of Elijah’s daughters married James Henry’s oldest son. I have always felt that there is a familial relationship between Elijah and James beyond being in-laws, perhaps they were first cousins. And just to let you know, Elijah’s name was spelled Laughead on his gravestone.

Joseph & Cassandria, photograph provided by a long lost cousin, circa 1860s

Joseph & Cassandria, photograph provided by a long lost cousin, circa 1860-70s

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