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David’s Diary – June 6, 1970

Saturday, 6 June 1970

[Top panel:  called Bob Driscoll re: drug program]

Θ before arising about 9:00. Had breakfast; much of the day in the earlier part was devoted to desk work. I made out a pulpit exchange schedule to be followed by Bussey, Delp + myself. I turned to working on bulletins. I typed two different stencils for putting information on the front of our bulletins—so that I’ll have more space inside. This occupied me until I had lunch. Bonnie was off weeding for a while in the AM—but came home because of rain; then she went off grocery shopping. I had my lunch while she was gone. In the early afternoon I prepared the bulletin for tomorrow. Then I set about another major task: putting bars across Debbie’s back window. It had a screne [sic], but we’d feel better if she’s behind bars too! [1] This required two trips to the building center. I made the bars out of 1 inch closet dowels. This occupied me both before and after supper. I finally finished about 8:00. Then I turned to other things at my desk—making phone calls, getting the place straightened up in general. I also read further in Shaw’s Caesar-Cleo for tomorrow night’s play reading. Finally I turned to working on the service—the sermon had been done for several days—but other details—as always—needed attention—watched 11:00 PM news; practiced sermon; bathed, read; OBLO 1:35.

Sunday, 7 June 1970

Up about 8:00—shaved, had breakfast—had to be at the church by 9:00 to rehearse the girls taking part in the service. Bonnie and I did this from 9:00 to 9:45. Service at 10:00—the hour for summer worship. We were home and had lunch completed by 12:00. I then turned to finishing straightening up in my study—finished read(ing) Caesar + Cleopatra for tonight’s play reading. About 1:40 I stretched out for a nap—fell asleep—but got up about 2:20—I went to the garden for planting—helped get out the witch grass and helped with the planting of corn. Came home about 5:00. Put supper in the over, then went back to the garden to pick greens for the salad. Had supper around 6:00–6:30. Then I prepared an article to go to the Rockport Eagle tomorrow; I am going to try to use very regularly the space available for the churches—it replaces a newsletter really. About 7:15 we left Debbie at Patriquins, then went to Lewis, from there drove (to) Hardy’s—the hosts for the play reading: Caesar and Cleopatra—a long play—and some of the parts weren’t well read—the director really didn’t do his job well either. Finished up about 11:00; took Lewis’s home—picked up Debbie; home in time to watch 11:25 weather; bathed; OBLO 12:30.

Monday, 8 June 1970

Up before 9:00. Shaved, had breakfast—ran several errands, including taking the church news article over to The Rockport Eagle. When I came home Eddie Garcia was ready to dig—enlarge the garden. So this occupied us from about 11:00 to 1:00. We got the ground all prepared, and put the stakes in for tomatoes. I had lunch about 1:45. Then I got Debbie ready and we went calling—went to see Daisy Jodrey and Grace Harris. One of her patients died a few weeks ago: Josephine Frost—wanted to die on her feet. Had a spell lasting from one evening til the next morning—she wanted to stay on her feet. And she was, about 5 o’clock, when she saw the morning sun striking the house across the street, she said “Now”, and died—on her feet. Went with Debbie to the building center, then to see Lucy Patience. Came home, got busy putting up a simple rope fence around the tomato patch—to keep out the kids. About the time I finished this we had supper. Watched CBS news. Then in the evening I planted the tomatoes in the soil we’d prepared. Gave the new ones a dose of Rapid-Grow—the new ones were growing wild in the community garden. I then turned to rigging up a “gate” for Debbie’s play area. Then I came in—read, relaxed, did phoning, then I did next Sunday’s bulletin. Straightened up desk. Bathed at 11:30, watched Johnny Carson; OBLO, c. 12:30.

Tuesday, 9 June 1970

Up shortly after 9:00. Had breakfast, then got right to work on the frame (for the cheesecloth) to cover the strawberries. At 10:00 I went to get Virginia Bate and her things—she’ll be spending some time at the parsonage while we’re gone. I was occupied with the frame until about 12:30 or 1:00. Then I ate lunch, shaved, prepared to go to the funeral home—I had the funeral of Arthur F. Olsen. I buried his wife last June. The funeral was at 2:00; I went to the cemetery. Didn’t get back home til about 3:00. Then we loaded the car. Finally about 4 o’clock—after searching for Bonnie’s keys which she’d left in the trunk of the car!—we got on the road. We got to Boston—went to the day old bread bakery outlet to stock up on things—this was a store that the Albees had shown us—and it was closed down! We then went to Warren Hall—to leave a copy of the Sunday bulletin with Tom Raper; then to Sears to pick up our set of camping dishes. Then we headed for Avon—didn’t get there til about 6:30. It was really too late to start out camping, so we are spending the night here in Avon. We had supper, relaxed, went shopping at Kings—came back—visited with Janice (relative of Bonnie)  showed our lantern; relaxed, visited, OBLO, c. 11:15.

Diary entry from June 9, 1970

[1] To prevent any attempts at escape.

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