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David’s Diary – May 5, 1970

Tuesday, 5 May 1970

—MUMPS—in bed, slept, watched TV, vegetated

moved very slowly—in the afternoon while Bonnie was at work—I shaved—hadn’t shaved since last Wed. Filled the tub with water—bathed, shaved in the tub, would have been too tiring to stand at the mirror.

In the evening— Θ —Bonnie did most of the work.

Wednesday, 6 May 1970


in bed, slept, watched TV, vegetated

Thursday, 7 May 1970


in bed, slept, watched TV, vegetated

Friday, 8 May 1970


swelling down considerably—but I was still very weak. While Bonnie was at work in the afternoon I strolled enough in the yard to water the strawberry patch, changed Debbie’s diaper, late in the afternoon put meat on for supper. Such an “active” day tired me out—also in the A.M. and early PM. had to go about arranging a preacher for Sunday: Don McGaw.

David’s diary, May 8, 1970

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