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Regardless of Party

Schwartz, W. B. - 1894-10-11REGARDLESS OF PARTY

The Attorneys Commend Hon. S. M. McGregor as a Judge

It has been currently rumored during the present campaign, that Judge McGregor in the discharge of his official duties upon the bench, has shown partiality and favoritism to certain attorneys practicing in his courts; that said rumors have been circulated by certain parties for the purpose of influencing votes to oppose his re-election; that they are false and without any foundation whatever. We take pleasure in publishing the following statement voluntarily furnished by the members of the bar of Clay and Putnam counties, who have signed the same without regard to party affiliation, as an act of simple justice to Judge McGregor, whose conduct upon the bench has been characterized at all times and upon all occasions by absolute fairness and impartiality to all litigants and their attorneys. He has no pets or favorites at the bar to whom he show special favors. All such charges are false, as is shown by the following statements, over the signatures of the attorneys practicing in the two counties composing the judicial circuit in which Judge McGregor holds the courts:

“We, the undersigned attorneys of Clay and Putnam counties, hereby gladly bear willing testimony to the uniform and unfailing kindness and courtesy of Hon. S. M. McGregor, Judge of our courts, to everyone connected with or having business therein; and especially do we commend and honor him for his fairness and impartiality toward all attorneys at the bar, in the conduct and management of their business in said courts. We do not believe anyone can truthfully make a charge or entertain a just cause of complaint against him contrary to the above statements.

This October 8th, 1894.

S. W. Curtis, W. B. Schwartz, Albert Payne, J. M. Rawley, Homer H. Harris, Thomas W. Hutchison, Will P. Blair, Robert Fisher, Frank A. Horner, Peter T. Luther, Geo. A. Byrd, A. W. Knight, Geo. A. Knight, e. S. Holliday, Charles E. Matson, Stokley Campbell, Jas. A. McNutt, Geo. W. Wiltse, Jno. T. Gardner, S. B. Riley, John Hutchinson, Jr., Jacob Herr, D. E. Williamson, John P. Allee, Smith c. Matson, C. C. Matson, P. O. Colliver, J. H. James, Smiley & Neff, Henry H. Mathias, Tarvin C. Grooms, Silas A. Hays, W. S. Scott, Jno. W. Lane, G. C. Moore, Jonathan Birch.

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