November 16, 1942 (Roscoe) Part IV

Letter transcription:

Nov. 16, 1942

Dear John,

I wrote Mark first this time, because I wrote yours first last time.

Enclosed you will find a little Christmas present and you can spend it as you like but ask Mother for suggestions and as I told Mark if you don’t have enough stamps for your bond use some of this to buy more stamps. I want you to spend some of it in the way you want.

So you like to go to the Jr. High School. I was sure you would and I think some of that gym work will do you good. Some of the things they do might be a little rough but try to do them

[page 2] for those things will make you have big muscles.

By now you probably have clinkers to carry out of the basement and I suppose there is lots of extra work with David but I believe you and Mark will help Mother loks lots while I’m not there and at least not give her trouble.

In case Mark’s present should get lost I wish you would share yours equally with him. I’ve asked him to do the same in case yours should get lost.

David will get his with Mother’s.

Lots of love,


©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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