JAMA renewal (Gladys)

Letter transcription

Kentland Ind
Dec 14 – 1942

Dear Daddy,

This came thru the mail this morning and I thought I would just write my daily letter on the back and send it on. I don’t remember your mentioning the renewal for J.A.M.A. so thought I would let you handle it. I rec’d another card from the Army Exchange about a gift – that makes three, so you will know your orders are being filled. I do hope you get the gifts we sent you, because we have the ones you sent and are having sent and it won’t seem fair for you not to get ours. No letters today but will probably get two or three tomorrow. Mark is home yet this afternoon but he is normal as far as temp. is concerned, but it is so cold thought it would be better for him to stay home today. He has been very restless so will no doubt be more than ready to go to school tomorrow. It is still very cold. I haven’t been out much. Can’t take the baby out because it is so cold and there is so much snow and ice couldn’t get through with the buggy.

Krulls were here yesterday evening. They had all been over to the pond. Buddy was trying to learn to skate. They wanted to see the necklace and other things. Dorothy is coming out this afternoon to bring some flood light bulbs – we are going to try some pictures in the house.

If I didn’t know better I would think David is trying to cut teeth. He is trying to chew his thumb & drool. He has a preference for the left thumb and Mark is afraid he is going to be left handed. He sometimes goes to sleep sucking his thumb but not all the time. It is nearly 2 P.M. and he is getting hungry. – The Pause that refreshes – Just fed the baby and he is on the bath table kicking. If I can get a good picture of him this evening will make a few Christmas cards for the family & our special friends – I was looking over last year cards last night and the Beaver’s made last year folded up and made the envelope.

The Sunday School Class party is this Fri at Hufty’s. I am going to go if I can get someone to stay with the baby – If not attending to him for feeding & changing. He is a little spoiled this afternoon and doesn’t want to stay put very long at one time – He is getting so long he nearly fills the basket.

Love Mother

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

Post originally found at: https://genealogylady.net/2013/08/26/jama-renewal-gladys/

2 thoughts on “JAMA renewal (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    Hard to believe that magazine subscriptions were once so cheap.

    “They had all been over to the pond.” Still wish I knew where the pond was.

    “The Pause that refreshes” –so we know that the Coca Cola slogan goes back at least to 1942!


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