Military Monday – Dear Mother (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Jan 20, 1943

Dear Mother,

The cool that I wrote of in yesterday’s letter is still with us and very welcome – along with that is a pretty good breeze so that also takes care of the mosquitoes for if they don’t take cover they will be bashed to misquitoburger. Along with the cool it is also cloudy. Last night after finishing your letter I wrote Ed. Johnson – answered a Christmas greeting from the Mullen family and also one from Helen Salter. I’ve been trying to write a short note to all who sent greetings. Those I mail free because they only put 3¢ stamps on them and free is in the same status. One of these days I’m going to get another

[page 2] box ready to send home – really haven’t gotten everything made as yet. These things will be something when done or will they you can be the judge only it probably will be several days before they get there. I guess by now you know the new ruling on packages. If you don’t the P.O. will inform you when you try to mail them.

Up to now I have had two occasions to stop this letter. The first was nature in one of its calls. The second was a boy with a nose cold. While out I noticed that “Old Baldy” our mountain was completely hidden by a rain and what is ordinarily the long stretch of blue. The ocean was also a hazy smudge. These scenes around here are enough under ordinary times to make

[page 3] one really be in awe but in war time and under our present conditions Baldy is a big pile of dirt and the stretch of blue is just a big drink. In other words there ‘aint’ no romance. In some places these mountains remind one of our eastern range. That is there is a fair amount of vegetation and in other places the western range. I never did say much about the airplane trip to the west coast but I know there is some of the most desolate looking places in some of those states.

I’m still wondering about the uniform money and I won’t send in another letter until about the last of this month so that will give you time to give me word in case you should get it. That is if word of any kind ever gets here from you again – Seems as if

[page 4] our mail is no better than at Christmas time. There were lots of Christmas packages in the P.O. yet this AM and I never have received a calendar but maybe in time those things will come. I’ll finish later.

Will wonder never cease – Your letter of Jan 7th came today – Now my mail is like this Dec. 17 – Dec. 30 & 31 and Jan 7. All the others  is are missing.

Now to get down to your letter – First let’s take you. I think your treatment has been swell. My only diff suggestion would have been Sulfadiazine grains 15 every 2 hours the first day. Every 3 the next and about 2 after each meal for a few days. And don’t use too much stuff in your nose. It can get too irritated. Then another thing as you have heard me say often – Nervousness and anxiety does help those things, so try to be as calm as you can I know you must worry etc but don’t on my account

[page 5] and as long as the baby gains and keeps taking his food he is OK. Even though he does run that slight temperature don’t worry – Rectal temperatures are always one degree higher you know. After your course of neoprontisil provided you aren’t better – get some capsules of propradiene (may be misspelled) hydrochloride gr 3/8 and take on 3 times each day with an A.P.C. compound every 3 hours, by the time you get this I hope you won’t need the advice. And don’t blow your nose. Now about D. Throw the thermometer away as long as he eats and gains. And again on you – get some unicaps or similar vitamins and take about 6 or 8 each day for the first week and then cut down and if you can keep from it don’t stew too much. I know it takes all your reserve and strength and your recuperative power is low but it you will do the above I think things will be OK.

[page 6] Don’t feel that I’m bawling you out I’m trying to help long distant. Our letters made the round trip in 22 days – which is very good if things would just keep up that way – but we have no way of telling which is coming and which is not.  This letter today I was very glad to get since it answered lots of questions an gave me conditions at home – and I do really hope & pray that you are better by now.

You mentioned the Johnson baby of course that was the first I knew – You didn’t say what day. It was only a mention and the name.

Well as you said I’ve rambled over lots of space but haven’t said much but Dear I hope you are better and Lots of Love


P.S. I’ll send in again about the uniform money. I’ve answered the question about the extra money.

© 2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Military Monday – Dear Mother (Roscoe)

  1. davidmadison1942

    This has a modern ring! ” bashed to misquitoburger.”

    Here’s a hint about the wartime frame of mind: ” In other words there ‘aint’ no romance.”


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