Band Mother’s Dinner (Gladys)

1943-02-16Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Another cold day – 5 above below this a.m. This can’t last many weeks more because Feb. is over half gone. I took Mark & Zell girls to school – I wouldn’t just for the weather but Mark has a slight head cold – nothing serious but I thought the cold air wouldn’t do any good. I got the unicaps and have been taking 6 a day and it hasn’t been a week yet and I am feeling better – I think I’ll give Mark some to see if he can get over his cold. He is more susceptible than John to colds this winter. He hasn’t any temp, or I would keep him home. We went to the band dinner last night and it was much nicer this time – served buffet style and we all ate at the same time. I took a dish of baked beans. Mary Parttens took chicken & noodles and gave me what she had left over, so you can guess what’s our menu today. Just finished bathing & feeding D. He weighed 15 ½ – I got some Pabena for him – he wouldn’t take Pablum without a fuss. I am going to vary his cereal with cream of wheat etc. He is feeling extra good now with his tummy full. He feels that way most of the time – – About your blue uniform – you had better air it once in a while or it might molder in that humid climate – I have all your suits saturated in moth fumes. Plummers are going to Fla. in Mar. They got your letter and she said to tell you hello. Mrs. Tom Murphy was at the supper and said Tom wishes you were here. They are living in Kent. in Voglund’s house. Art is in a camp in Calif. Vivian is out there too. David chews on the rubber bone you got for Mark – Love – Mother

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2 thoughts on “Band Mother’s Dinner (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    ” I took a dish of baked beans.” Which means she opened a couple of cans! Cooking was never her strong suit.

    ??? “David chews on the rubber bone you got for Mark .” Why would he have gotten a rubber bone for Mark? Mysteries lost to history.


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