Measles and cough drops (Gladys)

1943-02-25Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – It is cloudy and looks like we will have another snow. Was pretty cold last night but warmer now. Got Mark a new winter coat so he had a chance to wear it this morning. It is all wool. The reason I got it now is because there may not be any all wool coats next fall. I’ll take his picture in it and you can see it. It is lighter in color than I wanted but didn’t have much choice. I went to Agnes’ office to go over the tax and looks like with all deductions we will still have to pay around 200⁰⁰. The exemptions are lower & rates higher this year. However 1942 may be cancelled but will have to file. David has a habit of crying around noon while the boys are home – that is if they don’t play with him. There are measles in school and I want the boys to stay away from him so we can at least take that much precaution. It may not do any good but it will be an effort. These measles are the old fashioned kind. Sammy Washburn has them. I saw Howard yesterday and he had a sample cough drop you had given them and said it relieved Sammy, wanted to know what they were but I didn’t know. They are hetagonal [sic] in shape & you told them they had claroform in them.  Lucile & I walked with our babies yesterday but it is a little chilly to go out today. I am going to keep D. away from school children and will have to stay away from town to do that. Mark is planning big for his birthday tomorrow. Will bake a cake.

Love – Mother

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9 thoughts on “Measles and cough drops (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    Who wants to be left out of the fun! “David has a habit of crying around noon while the boys are home – that is if they don’t play with him.:

  2. Catherine

    Measles are still a horrifying disease. My second son died of measles complication on 16 Sep 1970, aged 5 months and 3 days, which he caught from a child who was old enough to have been vaccinated but was not. Jarren contracted measles at 6 weeks of age, his system tried hard to overcome the disease but finally lost the battle 😥
    It’s now becoming “fashionable” in “developed countries” to not vaccinate. In my opinion, people who choose not to vaccinate their child and another dies as a result then they should have to face Court on a charge of “manslaughter”!!!
    I’m so glad mother had the sense to keep the children from school… and David away from schoolchildren. Unfortunately people who are not yet showing the signs of measles are still infectious… 😦

  3. Mustang.Koji

    Wow… I haven’t even thought about measles in years, it seems. I remember it being just a big pain in the hiney but no one really got sick from it. While the letter is from early 1943, the potential shortage of wool played a big part in the Battle of the Bulge (late ’44 – early ’45). Our boys out there in the worst winter in years needed winter combat uniforms which were not at hand. Still, considering we now wear synthetic cold weather gear, think of how cold our boys were out there only with wool or cotton gear.

    1. Genealogy Lady Post author

      Good points! I wonder what the alternative to wool was at that time and what she would have been able to buy. Here I was thinking – Go Grandma! Shopping for the natural fibers. I tend to avoid anything synthetic if I can help it. 🙂

      1. Mustang.Koji

        “Go Grandma”… lol But I have noticed the “real thing” is a lot more expensive than the “fake thing”, now. I don’t believe the soldiers had any alternatives back then…? But you’re the genealogist with the knack for research… 🙂

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