My mail was good today (Gladys)

1943-03-08Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – My mail was good today. Had one letter posted Feb. 20 in which you said you had written three before but haven’t rec’d them. Possibly will this week. Well I feel better now and to get regular mail again will help lots. Still have Mark in bed with some temp but no evidence of measles. If he doesn’t break out tomorrow I won’t know what to think. He doesn’t feel bad has a good appetite, but I am keeping him in bed. John is going to Krulls to stay in case Mark does break out so he won’t have to miss school. Dr. M. said that was between me and the health officer. I told him what happened when M. had mumps and I didn’t intend to have that again. If John stayed home I think he would be the only one. There hasn’t been any in John’s class out with measles so I think he won’t be so apt to get them (I hope). I sent your mother a picture of D. and she said he looks like you did, only he is bigger than you were. I hope you have the registered letter by now with all our pictures. We are still have snow and cold weather. Yesterday it was 6 below but is warmer today. I think everyone is so tired of cold weather according to the ground hog tradition we have another week yet of this kind. We are anxious (Mark & I) to get our garden out. John hasn’t any enthusiasm about mowing lawn – as that is to be his job this summer. Not much outside news. It’s been too cold to go out and now that we are under suspicion of measles can’t take the baby out for a while. It is time for his 2 P.M. vegetable & milk and he is getting hungry.

Love – Mother

©2014 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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