Township Primaries

Schwartz, W. B. - 1894-02-08TOWNSHIP PRIMARIES.

Members of the Democratic County Central Committee Chosen for the Different Precincts.

The Democrats of the several townships met in primary convention Saturday last and selected representatives from the various precincts to compose the County Central committee to be re-organized Saturday next as follows:

Brazil township – Precinct No. 1, J. C. Koehler; No. 2, W. B. Schwartz; No. 3, P. T. Luther; no. 4, John Stunkard; No. 5, Moses Graham; No. 6, Paul Wimsey; No. 7, C. J. McCullough; No 8, Nick Powers.

the committee chose C. J. McCullough, chairman, and Nick Powers, secretary. The meeting was ably and enthusiastically addressed by P. T. Luther.

“Township Primaries,” The Brazil Democrat (Brazil, Indiana), 8 February 1894, p. 2, col. 2; digital image, Newspaper Archive ( : accessed 23 February 2014).

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