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Horner Re-Elected

Schwartz, W. B. - 1894-02-15 #2HORNER RE-ELECTED CHAIRMAN

Democratic County Convention to Be Held April 14th at Brazil

The members of the County Democratic Central committee, as chosen at the various township primaries on Saturday last, met at the Court house this afternoon pursuant to the call of Chairman Horner, to reorganize the committee for the coming campaign and transact other business pertaining to the same.

At 1:30 o’clock Horner called the house to order, stating the object of the meeting. On call the townships all responded.

W. B. Schwartz named F. A. Horner for re-election, seconded by P. T. Luther. Horner’s election was made unanimous by acclamation.

Horner was called and responded by saying that he appreciated his re-election as an honor, would do his whole duty in the position and had no doubt of success.

O. T. Stark was chosen secretary and George R. Shultz treasurer.

Committee retired to Sheriff’s office to fix time and place for nominating the county ticket. April 14th and August 4th were named as the time, there being 28 ½ votes for the former date and 13 ½ for the latter. On the manner of making the nominations there were thirty-two votes for delegate convention and six for primary election.

The committee chose the 24th day of March as the time for holding the township conventions for selecting delegates to the County nominating convention, the representation to be one delegate for every one hundred votes cast for Governor Matthews and one for every fraction of thirteen and over.

As to the place, George Stearley named Bowling Green, W. B. Schwartz named Brazil and R. W. Moss named Centre Point. The vote stood 24 for Brazil, 10 for Bowling Green and 6 for Centre Point.

The following resolutions were adopted by the Democratic County committee last Saturday:

Resolved, that we endorse the Wilson tariff bill as passed by the House of Representatives and we ask its speedy passage by the Senate without material modifications; we are decidedly opposed to the elimination of the income tax feature.

Resolved, That our secretary forward copies of this resolution to our Senators.

Resolved, That we regard the recent decision of our Supreme court, affirming the constitutionality of the fee and salary law as a victory for good government and a triumph of Democratic legislation; and since many county officers, speaking through an organization, have refused to accept such decision a final and have expressed their purpose “to fix” the ensuing Legislature by controlling the various nominating conventions in their interests, we accept this gage of battle in behalf of the taxpayers of our county and will support no man for legislative office who is not in full sympathy with the law, and who will not pledge himself, if elected, to sustain it with his vote; we congratulate the people of Clay county that our officers have accepted the law in good faith and are not concerned in the present effort to defeat the same.

Resolved, That we renew our ancient confession of faith that the Democratic party in unalterably pledged to the doctrine of equal and exact justice to all and special privileges to none; that we believe with Jefferson that no religious test nor specific place of birth are necessary qualifications for office, but that honesty, education and fidelity to the constitution are the requisites which should inspire ambition to office; therefore,

Resolved, That as the Democratic party of Indiana established our magnificent system of public schools, we still proclaim it our purpose to support and maintain them from any and all encroachments and pledge ourselves to oppose any and all attempts at a division or conversion of the funds in favor of any private or sectarian schools or purposes, and as Democrats we are now as ever opposed to any and all oathbound and secret political organizations having for a purpose the prescription of men from official honors on account of nationality or religion.

Resolved, That these resolutions be given the press for publication.

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Township Primaries

Schwartz, W. B. - 1894-02-08TOWNSHIP PRIMARIES.

Members of the Democratic County Central Committee Chosen for the Different Precincts.

The Democrats of the several townships met in primary convention Saturday last and selected representatives from the various precincts to compose the County Central committee to be re-organized Saturday next as follows:

Brazil township – Precinct No. 1, J. C. Koehler; No. 2, W. B. Schwartz; No. 3, P. T. Luther; no. 4, John Stunkard; No. 5, Moses Graham; No. 6, Paul Wimsey; No. 7, C. J. McCullough; No 8, Nick Powers.

the committee chose C. J. McCullough, chairman, and Nick Powers, secretary. The meeting was ably and enthusiastically addressed by P. T. Luther.

“Township Primaries,” The Brazil Democrat (Brazil, Indiana), 8 February 1894, p. 2, col. 2; digital image, Newspaper Archive (http://www.newspaperarchive.com : accessed 23 February 2014).