Cline Gives Bond

Schwartz, W. B. - 1906-05-23CLINE GIVES BOND

Clarence D. Cline, of Indianapolis, arrested, Tuesday, by Detective Chauncey Manning, as an accomplice of W. B. Schwartz, arrested on a charge of making and passing counterfeit coin, waived examination before Commissioner Young, Wednesday, and was bound over to the federal grand jury in $500 bond, which was given. The man was released.

“Cline Gives Bond,” The Indianapolis Sun (Indianapolis, Indiana), 23 May 1906, p. 1, col. 3; digital image, Newspaper Archive ( : accessed 4 April 2014).

2 thoughts on “Cline Gives Bond

  1. Genealogy Lady Post author

    In this case the bond would have been similar to bail. However, different types of legal actions required bonds. For example, if one become the administrator of a will/estate, often a bond was paid. Paying a bond would ensure that the job was properly handled, and then the money would be returned at the successful (and honest) completion of the task.


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