Barbara Moore

[Editor’s note: Barbara (Mothersill) Moore was the wife of John B. Moore. He was a university professor of economics and served in the Navy during the war. Roscoe and Gladys knew the Moores while they were living in Missouri. This letter actually appears to be two letters. The first letter may have been written prior to Christmas 1945 as John was released from active duty in February 1946.]

1946-05-13 (Barbara M.) envelope

May 13, 1946 envelope

Letter transcription:

May 13, 1946, p. 1

May 13, 1946, p. 1


Dear Gladys,

Please forgive me for not writing sooner and for the haste in which I write now.

Yesterday the last boys left and very soon the school will be closed, and I hope John will be out of the Navy. Just how long it will take to get his orders I don’t know. He hopes to have them soon after Christmas. When and if he gets out, we will go to the Univ. of Mo. to finish his P. H. D. or phd whichever it is, the very next move we make.

There is just Wells and John

May 13, 1946, p. 2

May 13, 1946, p. 2

[page 2] here now. Wells might to leave soon. We have been [tp] your old house just once since you left. The Weathralls have been very busy. Eleanor has been working in John’s office since Ruth left. Ruth is now head of the Red Cross in this District. Some stuff. Has a car furnished and everything.

Please excuse this letter. I know there is a million mistakes but I’m in such a hurry.

Poor little R.A. has such a bad cold and feels tough. John has one also and I have a little one.

Please let me know right away how large you want your tablecloth. Maybe in the very near future I can finish it.

It’s just about the same kind of a day that it was a year ago. R.A. is a year old. I know you must be very happy to be together in your own home again. Lots of luck and good wishes.

Barbara & John

May 13, 1946, p. 3

May 13, 1946, p. 3

[page 3]

May 13, 1946

Dear Friends,

This is really terrible of me not to have written to you long ago, but really and truly I have been as busy with my own kid as you are with your three. Of course I know that doesn’t speak very well for my management, but then you know that ever was any good anyway.

How have you all been? I certainly hope doing better than we have. We all have had terrible colds. R.A. the worst ones I ever saw a little one have. He has very large and bad tonsils and adenoids. I hate to think of going through what we have this last four months, until he is old enough to have them out.

Mary 13, 1946, p. 4

Mary 13, 1946, p. 4

[page 4] I took R.A. and went to St. Louis to visit, the week before Easter and stayed till the Tuesday after Easter. Mother & Dad were there, staying at the Roosevelt Hotel, so they got me a room. We got the see most of our old friends, and I got to show them R.A. I’ve just been [?] to do that every since R.S. arrived. This was my last chance. The Folks were leaving for Minn. Soon and I knew that we would be leaving for parts unknown in the fall. My brother and his wife received their little girl not long ago, and she is a darling. Two years old, blue eyes, blond hair, short and fat. Butch thinks she is wonderful and is now, very much, one of the family.

Here is a bit of news we are

May 13, 1946, p. 5

May 13, 1946, p. 5

[page 5] very happy about. Last Thursday John got a telegram, asking him to come to Denver Colorado Univ. for an interview. He left and got back Sunday. There were to let him know as soon as the Dean had approved. Monday morning he got word that the job was his if he wanted it. So we are about to find ourselves on our way to Colo. in the fall. The whole set up is a nice one and we are very happy about it. Now our worry is finding a house. Our family is considerably larger than before and we will have to have a large place. Mother Moore is quite thrilled, as she has some friends and a sister not far from Denver.

My Mother is a little anxious

May 13, 1946, p. 6

May 13, 1946, p. 6

[page 6] about our going, as she is afraid it’s too high and will affect my heart. What do you think about that Doctor? You know as much about my condition as anyone. John talked to several people while he was there, and they didn’t seem to think it would make any difference. Would really like to have an answer from you though.

I hope by now you have your tablecloth altogether and that it is plenty large. I would like to have had the time to finish it myself, but just couldn’t. I’m sure you found it larger when pressed. Please let me know how it came out.

Did the Doctor’s office ever get finished? That certainly was a terrible thing to happen. We were very sorry to hear it.

May 13, 1946, p. 7

May 13, 1946, p. 7

[page 7] Mother M. and I have been sewing like mad. I had to have several house dresses. R.A. had to have overalls. Mother M. had to have house dresses, afternoon dresses and slips. While I was in St. Louis, I got one new dress, material for a housecoat pink and while material for slips and Aunt Min. had just made herself a [?] formal, and didn’t like it, so she sold it to me for the price of the material. When I got it home I didn’t like the neck or the sleeves, so made it over. It sure was a job, but I think it’s very pretty now.

Did you hear that Eleanor is expecting? I never was so surprised. They are in K.C. now. He has a mine job. Eleanor’s brother was here to see us not long ago. He will be here in school next fall.

May 13, 1946, p. 8

May 13, 1946, p. 8

[page 8] This is just about all the news I know for now.

Hope you are all well and happy. Please write soon.
Our best wishes to all of you from all of us.

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2 thoughts on “Barbara Moore

  1. davidmadison1942

    An adoption? “My brother and his wife received their little girl not long ago, and she is a darling. Two years old, blue eyes, blond hair, short and fat.”

    “Did the Doctor’s office ever get finished? That certainly was a terrible thing to happen. We were very sorry to hear it.” I wonder if the fire got written up in the newspaper.

    Well, Barbara doesn’t get high marks for good handwriting! 😦


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