David’s Diary – July 21, 1969

Monday, 21 July 1969

Pretty groggy this morning—Bonnie was out of it too—so I fed Debbie breakfast—before 9:00. It was a slow day—suffered from the after effects of being up so late. Off and on during the morning watched Debbie, tuned in CBS news, tried to nap. Also one of the first things: bathed, shaved. After noon I paid more attention to the TV—about 1:50 the astronauts blasted off from the moon. In the afternoon Bonnie, Paul, Marty went to waterski; I took Debbie on my back for a walk—took pictures. Late in afternoon kept close to TV for rendezvous + docking—also saw CBS half-hour film of clippings from many science-fiction films. After supper stayed with Debbie while Paul + Bonnie again went waterskiing; relaxed on porch, visited with Marty + Mrs. Stoner. About 10:15 message to call Don McGaw: Alan Federick messing up parsonage; we will go home tomorrow; packed; OBLO about 12. Θ

Tuesday, 22 July 1969

Up by 8:00—again after being awake until late the night before (coons again); we had breakfast, packed, changed a flat tire, then got on the road by 9:30. Stopped about 30 miles from Massachusetts for lunch—had sandwiches at a picnic table—Bonnie drove most of the way across the state, I drove once we got to 128. We arrived in Rockport at 4:00. Alan wasn’t here, so we had a chance to look over the house. He hadn’t made any great messes since Don + Lawry cleaned up. He arrived; we had some difficulty being natural + civil—but haven’t yet mentioned Don’s phone call to us. He brought suppers for us from Anchor Inn. About 6:40 his friend arrived with station wagon; evening was spent moving his things from our basement to his house. He informed us of his plans to marry Diane. After getting home about 10:00, had coffee, relaxed. Bathed; OBLO 11:20.

Wednesday, 23 July 1969

A lost day; felt weary and lethargic. Up about 8:45. Did so little today that I can’t remember exactly what I did do. Spent time at my desk in the A.M. Called Dr. Uhlinger to arrange time for pastor-parish committee meeting. Spent time with Newsweek when it arrived in the mail; spoke to Hazel Brady on the phone about storing our things with her. Bonnie went grocery shopping—we had a late lunch after she got home. In the mid-afternoon I borrowed Crowell’s trailer to haul the trash barrell [sic] to the dump. After I got home again, Bonnie got me to helper [sic] her to clear out the far back room over the kitchen. She began painting; about 6:00 I went to Gloucester to get fried chicken for our supper; watched CBS news—and at 7:00 saw live broadcast from Apollo 11. Did some painting in the back room; about 9:00 went to the Patriquins; home about 10:30. bathed; OBLO c. 11:30 Θ

Thursday, 24 July 1969

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Uhlinger in front of their Melrose home. This photo came in their 1968 Christmas card – Received Dec. 17, 1968 in Rockport

Another lost day as far as studying is concerned. Up about 8:30. Had breakfast—went to my study—but just sat in a dull stupor for a while. Bonnie went to get more paint for the back room. I helped on this later in the morning. At noon I turned on the TV to watch the splashdown of Apollo 11. Alan arrived to pick up his mail and go to the bank. He left while we were having lunch. I watched the Apollo coverage until the astronauts were aboard the carrier and welcomed by President Nixon. After this I shaved, went to church to change the wayside pulpit; went to lumber yard for supplies for the back room. When I got home I went to work—I am covering the chimney in the room with py [sic] board. We had supper about 6:30. Then rushed off to movie: Faces, at 7:00. Picked Debbie up at Patriquins afterward. Home about 10:30. Very weary, OBLO, 11:15.

Friday, 25 July 1969

Up about 8:30. After breakfast turned my attention to the carpentry work in the back room. This took a major part of the day. Winnie Gamage came over at mid-morning to see what we were doing. I had to make one trip to the lumber yard. The mail man brought a letter from Prof. Nineham at Cambridge granting permission to attend lectures. Had lunch around noon. While working on the back room about mid-afternoon, Pat Harry called from Alan Federick’s. There is a great struggle going on between the two—with Diane Nancekevill being the 3rd party. Pat called twice in the afternoon and once in the evening. She’s quite discouraged. We too are concerned with Alans whirlwind fall for Diane. I hope Pat can prevail over Alan—but it appears doubtfull. Supper about 6:30—at 7:30 saw Ted Kennedy explanation of the car crash; worked at my desk in the evening; wrote to Kennedy that he shouldn’t resign; wrote also to two realtors in Cambridge, bathed; OBLO.

Saturday, 26 July 1969

Up by 8:30. Had breakfast, shaved, then went down to the church—Church Fair today. Stayed for a wild, and then came home. Very weary today—had energy only in bursts. About 11:00 went back to the church, then came up again later to get  Bonnie +  Debbie—we had chicken for lunch at the church. When I saw Alan Federick—after a brief chat with him, and has he was leaving, I rushed up to the house and phoned Pat. Napped. By 4 o’clock Pat called me again—she thinks she’s lost Alan, but will stay as long as possible. I worked on my sermon. We had supper around 6:30. Watched NBC news—the box of moon rocks from Apollo 11 was opened today. After supper I went to church to change wayside pub; finished sermon, worked on bulletins—then worked on getting service ready, painted in back room; bathed, OBLO, midnight.

Sunday, 27 July 1969

Up about 8:00; breakfast, shaved, practiced sermon, off to church at about 9:35. Over 30 in church—a very cloudy gloomy day. Communion, preached on the moon landing and its actual lack of effect on human nature. Home about noon; Bonnie had lunch cooking in the electric skillet. After lunch I planned to nap, but I picked up John Updike’s book Couples, and became engrossed in it—read all afternoon in fact. About six we stopped to have supper; Bonnie had painted the floor in the back room, then read and napped. After supper I got into good clothes again. About 7:20 left for Riverdale church for the hymnsing—at least 30 present. This broke up shortly after 8:30 and I was home by 9:00. Not in the mood to go to work on German again—so read further in Couples. Shortly after 10:00, Θ. Then we had a drink, got ready for bed. OBLO, 11:00.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/06/18/davids-diary-july-21-1969/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – July 21, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    “In the afternoon Bonnie, Paul, Marty went to waterski” I wasn’t interested in pursuing that any further. 🙂

    “About 10:15 message to call Don McGaw: Alan Federick messing up parsonage” Uh oh.

    “I watched the Apollo coverage until the astronauts were aboard the carrier and welcomed by President Nixon.” They had to remain in quarantine on the ship for a few days.

    ” Supper about 6:30—at 7:30 saw Ted Kennedy explanation of the car crash” Oh wow….


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