David’s Diary – October 20, 1969

Monday, 20 October 1969

Up shortly before 9:00. My main preoccupation of the day has been Aramaic—trying to get caught up—and succeeding to a degree. I went to work on Aramaic right after breakfast. Had an early lunch—about 11:30. Jim Bussey was going to take Bonnie to get the new car—but a call to the VW place revealed that the car wasn’t ready. Early in the afternoon I napped briefly, but then got back to work. Bonnie went to work at 2:30 (Becky Bussey took her). Finally about 5:40 the VW was delivered by Roy Lee. It’s a very pretty car—I drove it after Roy drove us to T-Wharf to pick up his car. I fixed supper, tended to giving Debbie her supper. Mrs. Paradis sat with Debbie while I went to the hospital to get Bonnie at 7:00. Had supper. Bonnie went to chorus rehearsal I played with Debbie, studied Aram., talked with Alan on phone (+Margaret Riley)—Bonnie got home by 10:30. We looked over the car; more study; bathed 11:30  OBLO 12:10.

Tuesday, 21 October 1969

Up after 8:00. Had breakfast, shaved off a two day beard. We investigated the car some more. Then I got ready to leave for BU—Bonnie prepared to set out to the registry. She let me off at the train station—took the 11:15 train. I got to BU about 12:50. Had my lunch on the steps outside the school. At 2:00 had Aramaic class—at long last again. When this was over at 3:00, I headed for North Station. Walked as far as Kenmore to catch the trolley. Rode home with George Gabin. Got home about 5:25. Bonnie + Debbie + I went down to see the Patriquins—to show off the car. Then came home, had supper—watched CBS news. After playing briefly with Debbie I got to work preparing for Hebrew. (Also had phone call with Alan and Margaret Riley—Alan, she reports, has been drinking all day.)  Wrote 6 pg [???] report, mimeoed it.  Stopped to bathe 11: 45; OBLO 12:40.

Wednesday, 22 October 1969

Up about 8:15. Had breakfast then got to work immediately on my Hebrew translation. Devoted my morning to this, and had it done by 11:00. Then after glancing at the mail reviewed my Aramaic assignment. Shaved, had lunch around 12:00. Then at 12:30 left for BU. Stopped by Alan’s house to see if there were liquor bottles and his trash cans—but he was there, had failed to go to Brandeis. I went on to BU (stopping in Beverly to have windshield wipers stopped!). Got to BU in time for Aramaic at 2:00. After this took some books out of the library on alcoholism. Seminar from 4:00 to 6:00. Went to Sears and picked up blackboard, drove home, arriving about 7:45. Had supper. Took Debbie + Bonnie to Patriquins. Went to Alan’s, found him drunk. Left him shortly before 10:00. Stopped in to see Margaret Rilley. Then went to Patriquins; showed slides; came home at about 11:15; bathed; OBLO.

Thursday, 23 October 1969

Up about 9:30 after Θ. This morning after breakfast I called Alan: Don McGaw had been  there from 11:00 last night until about 8:00 a.m. After the mail ^ $216 bill from Loyd Starrett ^ came I went to the church to change the wayside pulpit. When I got home I got to work fixing the door to the basement (at the bulkhead). Don McGraw called—we spoke for over a half hour about Alan. Then I finished on the door. We had lunch. I hung the blackboard. When Bonnie left for work then I got to work preparing for Bible Class—Samuel. Around 5:30 our new neighbor discovered he’d been accidentally locked out—and his wife was asleep. He stayed for about an hour or more. I then fixed supper. Bonnie  got home about 7:20. We had supper. Bible class arrived at 8:00: 5 in attendance besides Bonnie + me. Relaxed afterwards, then began a long letter to Pat Harry.  OBLO, 12:20.

Friday, 24 October 1969

Up shortly before 9:30. After breakfast I started making calls in an effort to get a speaker for Sunday night—since the program fell through. Called the Civil Liberties Union and two or 3 of its members.—no luck. Also worked further on my letter to Pat Harry. Bonnie went grocery shopping. Busseys came over late in morning—Jim wanted to work on his car in our garage. After we had lunch I started working on cleaning up the garage—so that we can put the car in it. Jim helped; before 2:30 we made one trip to the dump. Then Bonnie went to work. Busseys went home—Jim had sawed off the bottom of one garage door—when they left I did the other—so that the doors will open when there’s ice and snow. Then I cleaned the lawn mower and various other things. Got supper; had a phone call from Don McGaw—we are taking Alan to an alcoholic hosp. on Monday. In the evening played with Debbie; bathed about 10; OBLO, 10:50.

Saturday, 25 October 1969

Up at 9:15 after Θ+. In the morning my first concern was to get the State Inspection sticker for the car—which I did at the Granite Garage. When I got back I looked through the mail, then I turned to writing some letters—but didn’t get very far. When Bonnie got home from shopping I was diverted to sorting all of our nails + screws into the 16 drawer file she had bought. Then we had lunch. After lunch I made a trip to the dump, then I went over to Alan’s house. What a mess. He must have been rather drunk when he left—didn’t lock either door—left the car keys on the couch. I brought home empty liquor bottles + dirty laundry. Then went to see Hannibal[s] + Lucy Patience. After supper typed bulletin stencil, then showed slides to Lucy Patience. 8:30 – 11:30 at Patriquins; watched movie Tom Jones on TV. Got home, worked on service; bathed, OBLO 1:12.

Sunday, 26 October 1969

Up shortly after 6:00—ugh! Had breakfast, shaved, got ready to go; about 7:30 left for Boston—picked up Delmon [?] Byler [?] and James Franks at the Statler Hotel; arrived back in Rockport in time to teach my high school class (2 students) at 9:30. About 10:40 went to the church, Mr. Franks preached. For the noon meal, Busseys came over with Mr. Blyer [?]. They left to return to Boston about 2:20. Shortly thereafter Roy Lee came over to look at my old bike—but didn’t want it. Then we napped after they left. I went sound asleep. Didn’t come to til about 5:30. Still wasn’t very alert then. Had supper. Drove to Alan’s house to check it over; went to Methodist Men 7:30 – 9:00. Then Bonnie Debbie + I visited with our new neighbors. About 11:00 a phone call from Alan; I went over—we had heated discussion—he refuses to go to the hospital. I got home about 12:30. Bathed; OBLO 12:58.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/07/06/davids-diary-october-20-1969/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – October 20, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    What a mess booze made of Alan’s life. Tragic. “After this took some books out of the library on alcoholism.” I really wasn’t trained to deal with it all. Don McGaw gave me some good guidance.

    Oy, all the bouncing back and forth between Aramaic and Hebrew. 😦


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