Roscoe – November 3, 1969

Letter transcription:

November 3, 1969

Dear Bonnie,

There are two kinds – the white pills in each are the same. The pink ones are dummies. Now for how to take them. Take the ones with the 21 in first. Begin the first package on the fifth day after period starts that is – for example: period starts on Wednesday

Sun        Mon      Tues      Wed      Thur       Fri           Sat

5                                         1              2              3              4

Take first tablet on Sunday. Sunday is your day.

Sunday first week
Sunday second week
Sunday third week
Sunday fourth week – no pills
Three weeks one – one week off – Start next on

Sunday – Three weeks on – one week off – pay no attention to periods from then on – Just three weeks on – one week off. Always begin on same day – Sunday. The pink ones you may discard, unless you want to get into the habit of taking a pill every day – those correspond to the week off. All the above is example – your day depends on when your period starts. Obviously if you start on a different day than Wednesday, it will make a different day for you to begin your pills.


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1 thought on “Roscoe – November 3, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    It was handy to have a doctor in the family. He would have thought it was nuts for people to have any religious objections!


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