David’s Diary – April 16, 1970

Thursday, 16 April 1970

Debbie 20 mos old—we took several pictures—of her working with her shoes, etc.

Didn’t get up til after 9:00. Had breakfast, then I got to work where I left off retyping, revising my Dead Sea Scroll lecture. This occupied me in the morning—and early afternoon. I had phoning to do—and I stopped to handle the mail—more registrations. We had a later lunch, then I got back to work. Maria called from Margarets. She and Alan were about to leave for NY. When I finished my lecture, I shaved—and Margaret phoned during this: Maria and Alan had just left—and she gave me her analysis of the situation. I finished shaving. We prepared to leave—all three of us went to Boston. While I was in class, Bonnie + Debbie went to see the Sestos. Elaine Follis wasn’t in Aramaic—she had phoned earlier to tell us this. Richardson didn’t want to read the assignment without her—so we discussed a few points in it—and talked about the Dead Sea Scrolls. Bonnie picked me up at about 5:45. We went to Andover, to Wally Aufrechts. We had supper with him—his father is visiting him—then at 8:00 we went to the church (Bonnie stayed at the apartment)—I gave my DDS lecture. About 15 people there. This was over just about 10:00. We had refreshments back at the apartment—arrived Rockport about midnight—relaxed OBLO, 12:32.

Friday, 17 April 1970

Up about 9:00—after Θ. Had breakfast, then left for Wesley Church—had to meet with Bill Crowell to set up the sound system for tomorrow’s meeting. We were finished with this by 10:30—I went to the photo shop (duplicate slides of the Fisk organ—not back yet)—returned home—relaxed for a few minutes—went through the mail when it came. We had lunch around 12:00—watched the splashdown of Apollo 13—the astronauts are safely home after the emergency in space. Shaved while watching the coverage. Then straightened up my study. Jim Gould arrived at 2:00—he had an appointment to see me. We chatted in the living room. His problem had to do with faith and belief—he believes in God—but doesn’t go for the great stress on Christ—I had to agree with him to a large extent. I think that our talk made him feel better. The rest of the afternoon—he left before 3:00—I spent reading The Miracle Worker. When Bonnie got home we fixed supper. Watched CBS news. At 7:30 I went to Addison Gilbert hospital to see Jerry + Carol Lewis and their new baby. Then to Wesley Church to do some final setting up for tomorrow. Got home about 9:30. Relaxed, puttered in my study; outlined sermon; bathed together; read OBLO 12:35.

Saturday, 18 April 1970

Up about 6:30—shaved, had breakfast, left the house at 7:30—picked up Gladys Haskell—we went to Wesley church. The drug program was scheduled for 8:00–12:30. 8:00–8:30 people were arriving and having coffee—shortly after 8:30 we got under way—saw a film and a film strip. Then about 30-45 minutes of panel discussion. A short coffee break, then 11:00–12:30 the people broke up into 8 small groups—there were about 115-120 people in attendance. I was on the go most of the morning. Finally left after 1 o’clock—brought Gladys home to Rockport. When I got here, George + Lynn Collins [Collis?] were here—they were up to tour Rockport. They had lunch with us. Then we had to go planting—we arrived at Fisks, at the garden, about 2:30. We had various assignments—my main task was to put up the chicken wire for the peas. Josiah Fisk (13 yrs.) + I did this. After working we had tea with the group—Jerry + Carol Lewis stopped by—the baby was home with the grandparents. We came home about 5:00—napped—had supper 7:30–8. I then spent the evening working on my sermon, took a break 10-11 to do bulletin; finished the sermon by 12:00. Bathed together, read; OBLO c. 1:00 AM.

Sunday, 19 April 1970

Up about 8:30. Had breakfast, shaved, worked on the service—left for church about 10:30—preached on The Impossible God—about the barbaric ideas about God in the Bible. Home by 12:30. Had lunch. I spent the early part of the afternoon puttering in my study—got the narrow blond bookshelves set up by my study chair. I had to take some time to raise the top shelf to accommodate the atlas. About mid-afternoon I got sleepy. Stretched out on the bed, read briefly, then dozed—fell asleep. Didn’t get up [til] about 6:00. Then began warming up supper. After eating I spent the whole evening working in my study—straightening up—putting things in order. I ran off about 35 sheets about next Sunday’s Methodist Men, got them in envelopes ready for mailing. We got a phone call from Paul late in the evening—he and Marty are going to NY City tomorrow too—we might meet them there—they might come home with us—there appear to be several alternatives. Early in the evening we sat down with road maps and looked ahead to how we’ll go tomorrow. We stopped to bathe—but not together about 11:00; watched the news—we got the bad news that it’s supposed to rain tomorrow—ugh! Got to bed about 12:10.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/08/20/davids-diary-april-16-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – April 16, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    “watched the splashdown of Apollo 13—the astronauts are safely home after the emergency in space.” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    “but doesn’t go for the great stress on Christ—I had to agree with him to a large extent.” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    “preached on The Impossible God—about the barbaric ideas about God in the Bible.” 🙂 🙂 🙂


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