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David’s Diary – April 16, 1970

Thursday, 16 April 1970

Debbie 20 mos old—we took several pictures—of her working with her shoes, etc.

Didn’t get up til after 9:00. Had breakfast, then I got to work where I left off retyping, revising my Dead Sea Scroll lecture. This occupied me in the morning—and early afternoon. I had phoning to do—and I stopped to handle the mail—more registrations. We had a later lunch, then I got back to work. Maria called from Margarets. She and Alan were about to leave for NY. When I finished my lecture, I shaved—and Margaret phoned during this: Maria and Alan had just left—and she gave me her analysis of the situation. I finished shaving. We prepared to leave—all three of us went to Boston. While I was in class, Bonnie + Debbie went to see the Sestos. Elaine Follis wasn’t in Aramaic—she had phoned earlier to tell us this. Richardson didn’t want to read the assignment without her—so we discussed a few points in it—and talked about the Dead Sea Scrolls. Bonnie picked me up at about 5:45. We went to Andover, to Wally Aufrechts. We had supper with him—his father is visiting him—then at 8:00 we went to the church (Bonnie stayed at the apartment)—I gave my DDS lecture. About 15 people there. This was over just about 10:00. We had refreshments back at the apartment—arrived Rockport about midnight—relaxed OBLO, 12:32.

Friday, 17 April 1970

Up about 9:00—after Θ. Had breakfast, then left for Wesley Church—had to meet with Bill Crowell to set up the sound system for tomorrow’s meeting. We were finished with this by 10:30—I went to the photo shop (duplicate slides of the Fisk organ—not back yet)—returned home—relaxed for a few minutes—went through the mail when it came. We had lunch around 12:00—watched the splashdown of Apollo 13—the astronauts are safely home after the emergency in space. Shaved while watching the coverage. Then straightened up my study. Jim Gould arrived at 2:00—he had an appointment to see me. We chatted in the living room. His problem had to do with faith and belief—he believes in God—but doesn’t go for the great stress on Christ—I had to agree with him to a large extent. I think that our talk made him feel better. The rest of the afternoon—he left before 3:00—I spent reading The Miracle Worker. When Bonnie got home we fixed supper. Watched CBS news. At 7:30 I went to Addison Gilbert hospital to see Jerry + Carol Lewis and their new baby. Then to Wesley Church to do some final setting up for tomorrow. Got home about 9:30. Relaxed, puttered in my study; outlined sermon; bathed together; read OBLO 12:35.

Saturday, 18 April 1970

Up about 6:30—shaved, had breakfast, left the house at 7:30—picked up Gladys Haskell—we went to Wesley church. The drug program was scheduled for 8:00–12:30. 8:00–8:30 people were arriving and having coffee—shortly after 8:30 we got under way—saw a film and a film strip. Then about 30-45 minutes of panel discussion. A short coffee break, then 11:00–12:30 the people broke up into 8 small groups—there were about 115-120 people in attendance. I was on the go most of the morning. Finally left after 1 o’clock—brought Gladys home to Rockport. When I got here, George + Lynn Collins [Collis?] were here—they were up to tour Rockport. They had lunch with us. Then we had to go planting—we arrived at Fisks, at the garden, about 2:30. We had various assignments—my main task was to put up the chicken wire for the peas. Josiah Fisk (13 yrs.) + I did this. After working we had tea with the group—Jerry + Carol Lewis stopped by—the baby was home with the grandparents. We came home about 5:00—napped—had supper 7:30–8. I then spent the evening working on my sermon, took a break 10-11 to do bulletin; finished the sermon by 12:00. Bathed together, read; OBLO c. 1:00 AM.

Sunday, 19 April 1970

Up about 8:30. Had breakfast, shaved, worked on the service—left for church about 10:30—preached on The Impossible God—about the barbaric ideas about God in the Bible. Home by 12:30. Had lunch. I spent the early part of the afternoon puttering in my study—got the narrow blond bookshelves set up by my study chair. I had to take some time to raise the top shelf to accommodate the atlas. About mid-afternoon I got sleepy. Stretched out on the bed, read briefly, then dozed—fell asleep. Didn’t get up [til] about 6:00. Then began warming up supper. After eating I spent the whole evening working in my study—straightening up—putting things in order. I ran off about 35 sheets about next Sunday’s Methodist Men, got them in envelopes ready for mailing. We got a phone call from Paul late in the evening—he and Marty are going to NY City tomorrow too—we might meet them there—they might come home with us—there appear to be several alternatives. Early in the evening we sat down with road maps and looked ahead to how we’ll go tomorrow. We stopped to bathe—but not together about 11:00; watched the news—we got the bad news that it’s supposed to rain tomorrow—ugh! Got to bed about 12:10.

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David’s Diary – April 12, 1970

Sunday, 12 April 1970

How lousy I felt this morning! Got up about 9:00. Shaved, then went to work on final preparations for the service, practiced sermon—no Sunday school class. Got to the church about 10:35. Set up tape recorder—I preached on Pope John XXIII—had a tape of him which I played (about minute + a half) to open the sermon. Got home—had lunch, spent some time out in the yard. Tried to nap, but little luck. So we went for a walk. Stopped in to see Barbara + Hazle Lord—and I went to Loyd Starretts to give him $20 for the youth group’s handing out leaflets. After visiting with the Lords we came on back home. Took Millpond pictures.—sacked out, Θ—while we were trying to nap, Dick Bamforth came to the door—with check for $100—in payment for my Lenten lecture series. We didn’t nap after that. I worked at my desk—wrote some letters—to BUST faculty acknowledging my acceptance of the Fellowship. Sent money to New York for our theatre tickets. We ate supper about 6:30. Then took Debbie to the Lewis—Carol now 1 week overdue—they didn’t want to go to the play reading—but we went while they kept Debbie. Play reading at Rapps: A Case of Libel. Picked up Debbie, home by 11:00; watched news, bathed together, OBLO, 12:15.

Monday, 13 April 1970

Can’t recall when I got up. Had breakfast, shaved—while I was doing this Maria called—from Margaret’s apartment—where she had spent the night. She + Bill Matheson had put Alan in the hospital yesterday—after he had suffered a convulsion on the beach near his house. After the mail came I went over to Margaret’s—saw Maria. Then shortly before noon I went to the Post Office—and to the Super. of School office (Mrs. Gardner) to leave the leaflets on the drug program. Came home, had lunch. Bonnie left for work. Debbie played + napped in the afternoon. I napped a while too, but also spent a lot of time with desk work—wrote to David Watson. Just for the fun of it I started on an interesting book: The World of the Vatican—I’ve had it in my library for some time, but my interest has been sparked by last week’s reading on Pope John. Fixed supper. We ate about 6:30—watched CBS news. We got a call from Carol Lewis—her water has broken. During the evening I did some phoning, read more in the Vatican book, also did work on the annotated bibliography for seminar—started reading Russell’s book, The Jews from Alex. to Herod. Stopped to watch the news at 11:00—trouble aboard Apollo 13—power failure; when Bonnie got home we bathed together; watched Johnny Carson; OBLO, 12:55.

Tuesday, 14 April 1970

Pulled out of bed (before 8:00) by the telephone—Jerry Lewis calling—Carol gave birth around 6 o’clock to a boy = Christopher Paul. We went back to bed—but didn’t get back to sleep. Got up, had breakfast. I needed to go to Gloucester. Got gas, went to the Post Office with letter to David Watson + Mrs. Myers—I dashed off a note to her after breakfast. In Gloucester I got some note-book paper and typewriter ribbon. On the way home I stopped at the Rockport Library and got a copy of The Miracle Worker. Home in time for Bonnie to keep her appointment with Drue at 11:00 for a haircut. Read in The World of the Vatican until mail came—then read further. Fixed lunch. Debbie fell down the front stairs—bruised, mouth bleeding—but apparently nothing worse—we were sure scared. Ate lunch—Bonnie left for work. Took two photos of D. in living room—Debbie napped—I read more in World of Vatican—pleasure reading. Also did my Aramaic assignment. Late in the afternoon Debbie and I spent some time in the yard and I took several pictures. I got back to Aramaic—she napped. We got a simple supper when Bonnie got home—ate, watched CBS news. The situation with Apollo 13 is tense. Administrative Board 7:30-8:45—here at parsonage. More reading; phone calls with Margaret re: Alan—out of hospital—nasty again; worked on Dead Sea Scroll lecture; phone call from Marty in Schen.; bathed; watched news, more work, OBLO 12:35.

Wednesday 15 April 1970

Up about 7:00—shaved, had breakfast—caught the 8:15 train to Boston. Arrived in the city about 9:30. Took the trolley to Park Street—it was a beautiful spring day—I walked down Washington Street, the(n) cut across Boston Common—went to 14 Beacon to the Mass. Council of Churches office to pick up a box of pamphlets on drugs. Then walked back to Park Street station—got off subway at Copley—spent some time in Cokesbury—bought several books—then headed to BU. As soon as I got there I found out that seminar had been canceled. Elaine Follis was at home ill—and it was her day to present a paper. I did various errands and did some bibliographical work. Then I left about 2:15—went to N. Station, caught the 3:00 train to Rockport. Arrived home about 4:15. Relaxed, read—we had an early supper—because Bonnie wanted to do some sewing with Drue. Ate about 6:00. Then watched CBS news. In the evening I finished The World of the Vatican, did phoning—called Elaine Follis—also Don McGaw—re: directions on getting to NY city. The latter part of the evening was spent working on my Dead Sea Scroll lecture—getting final form typed—which I hope will remain fairly unchanged for a long time. 11 o’clock watched news; bathed together—watched 30 min special on Apollo 13—few min. of Johnny Carson. OBLO 12:45.

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David’s Diary – April 8, 1970

Wednesday, 8 April 1970

Up late—in view of the hour when I got to bed—about 9:45. Had breakfast, then went over to Wesley Church in Gloucester with my 13 stencils. Finished up by about 11:45. Came home, had lunch, watched the noon news. Shaved. At 1:00 I watched the special CBS News coverage of the vote on G. Harold Carswell to the supreme court. Cause for rejoicing! He was rejected, 51 to 45. I then read through my paper and left for BU at 2 o’clock. Got there just about 3:00. Ran various errands + made tea with Dr. Beck for seminar. I was stage center today—I read my paper: The Use of the OT in Matthew. I didn’t have to field any impossible questions. After class was over I invited Ned Albee + family up to Rockport in May. I left BU at 6:15—arrived home about 7:15. We took Debbie down to Drue + Sullys—then went to Wesleyan Fellowship. There were 10 there. After supper there was discussion. There was no decision to disband. Rather they will meet quarterly—and the money will be held onto—with the youth group a priority item. Next meeting will be a barbecue in June at the parsonage. We headed home—or rather to Drue’s—9:30. We were home by 10:00. I was weary.We bathed together, OBLO, 11:07 Θ+

Thursday, 9 April 1970

Up about 9:00. Had breakfast, then got right to work on Aramaic—the whole assignment had to be done. And I kept at it pretty consistently until about 3:00. I did take time out for lunch, to shave, to stroll around the yard—the temperature was up in the 70’s. Carol Lewis came over just as we were finishing lunch—and Bonnie took her home just before 3:00. At just 3:00 I left by car for Boston. I arrived at class just 1 or 2 minutes late. Class from 4:10–5:30. But I didn’t get away from BU until about 6:00. Arrived home just about 7:00. Had supper—watched What’s My Line? Then went to visit a new family in town: the Kohle’s [?]. She was originally from Rockport—they’re about 50—will be transferring membership to our church in a few months I gather. I was home by 9:30. Then turned to several things: made out post card re: Administrative Board meeting—got a phone call—play reading is this Sunday evening, did some up-straightening in my room—but not very much. I listened to the tape which Don McGaw made for me—he recorded the small record of Pope John XXIII which I borrowed from a seminar member—I’ll be playing part of it this Sunday. At 11 o’clock watched the news; also bathed together, watched an hour of Johnny Carson; read briefly OBLO 1:10.

Friday, 10 April 1970

We allowed ourselves the luxury of staying in bed til late—not up til about 9:45. The very first thing I went to the P.O. with cards to Administrative Board members—also changed wayside pulpit. When I got home I had breakfast. The rest of my day was spent at my desk—trying to plow through the mountain of clutter. We had lunch about 12:30, Bonnie left for work. Debbie played all afternoon—I was at my desk all afternoon. Among other things I got the pre-registration organized—about 25 so far. Late in the afternoon I put on the beef—began preparing supper. Bonnie got home about 5:30—I had supper just about ready to serve. Late in the afternoon I made a start on Alden Hatch’s book, A Man Named John: The Life of Pope John XXIII. We had supper—left Debbie with Kay Patriquin, went to Gloucester to the 7 o’clock show: They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? The acting was quite good, but it was a depressing story if there ever was one—not really what I was in the mood for after a long week. We went to Patriquins. We showed them our latest movie—and one about a year old—it’s hard to believe the difference in Debbie. We came home about 10:30. Relaxed, read newspaper. Watched news, didn’t bathe. OLBO 11:53.

Saturday, 11 April 1970

Not up til about 9:30 (?)—after Θ. I immediately went down to the Baptist church with the leaflets to be handed out by the JYF kids—then came home, had breakfast. Then got to work reading Hatch’s book on Pope John—in preparation for the sermon. I shaved about 1:30. Then ate lunch, then went down to Patriquins to watch the launch of Apollo 13 on their new color TV set. It was the first time I’d seen a launch in color—and it was quite spectacular. After a few minutes (when they started showing dignitaries after the launch, e.g., Agnew) I left. Came home, got back to work with the Pope John book. Read until 6:00—the(n) watched news—Apollo 13 has been blasted into a lunar-bound trajectory. We fixed supper. Then I got back to work on the Pope John book, which I wanted to finish before starting on the sermon. I finished about 9:00—but then wanted to do the bulletins. Had to call Ornes—also had a phone call—so they slowed me down. Got the bulletins done about 10:30. Had a piece of pie, then finally got started on the sermon after 11:00! Stopped about 1 o’clock to bathe—finished sermon about 2:30—wrote this—as the handwriting indicates! OBLO, c. 2:30.

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