David’s Diary – April 24, 1970

Friday, 24 April 1970

A very lethargic day for the most part. Got up about 8:45. Had breakfast—about mid-morning I ran some errands. Walked to the library, dropped a book in the slot, went to the P.O. (ordered some qualifying books from Blackwells) and changed the wayside pulpit at the church. Came home, puttered at my desk. When the mail man arrived I spent some time with the mail. Bonnie’s morning was spent getting the carpet squares in her study firmly anchored down. She was pushed for time, so I got lunch. She left for work about 12:45. Debbie went down for a nap and slept almost all afternoon. I did some desk work, tried to get my sermon underway—finally gave in to drowsiness and napped. Late in the afternoon I returned to working on the sermon and had a little done by the time I stopped to work on supper. Bonnie was late in getting home and I had supper well under way. We watched CBS news—then about 7:45 we went to see Jerry + Carol Lewis—and their new baby—we spent the evening with them—playing a new game: RSVP—a scrabble type game played with cubes—Jerry + I lost to Carol + Bonnie; came home about 11:00; I worked more on the sermon til about 12; OBLO, 12:05.

Saturday, 25 April 1970

Up about 8:45—shaved, had breakfast, worked on the sermon. About mid-morning I walked down to the library to check Books-in-Print—I wanted to check on qualifying books which I have yet to buy. When I got home Eddie Garcia was here—the owner of the house next door who lives in NYC. After chatting a few minutes, he left. I got back to work on the sermon—finished it—typed the bulletins. Had lunch, then about 1:00 I drove over to see the Hannibals—came home about 2:00—the mail man had left a package: Pritchard’s, Ancient Near Eastern Texts. We got ourselves gathered together—all three of us—and drove to the garden at Fisks—spent from 2:00 to 4:00 working in the garden. I did some fertilizing of the holes for potatoes, helped erect a wooden sign for posting the weeding plan, and did some turning of the earth with a pitchfork—to get out the witchgrass. When we came home we visited briefly with the Garcias—Bonnie began working on supper—I puttered—ran off the bulletins. After supper (watched NBC news with supper—the Chinese have launched a earth satellite) I practiced the sermon, did preparations for the service, did some phoning—and prepared my Sunday school lesson: i.e., read a few chapters in Romans—ugh! Bathed about 10:30—we lose an hour tonight; off to read in bed. LO, 11:08.

Sunday, 26 April 1970

Up about 8:30. Shaved, had breakfast—went to Richdales for pineapple for Oriental Chicken for lunch. Karen Haskell came for Sunday School—we discussed St. Paul, Romans—she has been greatly influenced by fundamentalism. Left for church at 10:30—preached on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Home by 12:30. Started work on the strawberry patch—with Eddie Garcia helping. Had lunch—then back to work on the strawberry patch—we had to start from scratch—i.e., turning the sod over. This occupied me til about 2 o’clock—by which time it was pretty well ready. JYF steering committee meeting 2:30–3:30. 3:30–3:50 conferred with Nutting and Bamforth on committee for discussing common problems. 4 o’clock met the train—picked up Tom Raper. Came home—planted the strawberry plants which Amelia Fisk had given us. About 30 of them. Did some other yard work. We had supper about 5:45—had a chance to get to know Tom a little better. He left for the youth meeting 6:20. I then wrote the article for the newspaper on the Black History film. 7:20 left for the Methodist Men. This met from 7:30–9:30. Took the article to Mr. Drake. Went to Patriquins to get Bonnie + Debbie. We were home by about 10:30. Relaxed, read, bathed together about 11 o’clock  OB—read; LO, 12:05.

Monday 27 April 1970

Up shortly before 9:00. Even before having breakfast I left immediately for Gloucester—to order signs for the Black History film. Had breakfast when I got home, shaved, then took my shoes down to George Marr to be repaired. Got home just as the mail man was arriving. Looked through the mail, puttered at my desk, straightened up my study somewhat. I wasn’t hungry at noon time, so we didn’t fix lunch. After Bonnie left for work Debbie and I had lunch. Early in the afternoon I did some work in Debbie’s room. Put a second hook on her window—so that it won’t come crashing down if she’s happen to get it unhooked. Also nailed some blocks in place so that she can’t get the screen open. In mid-afternoon I washed the living-room window facing west. This hadn’t been done since we moved here since it requires unscrewing the storm window. Late in the afternoon I returned to me study and worked on my annotated bibliography for seminar. After Bonnie got home we found footprints in the strawberry patch and warned the kids playing in the yard to keep away from that corner. Had supper about 6:30—watched CBS news. Most of the evening I devote to work on the annotated bibliography. But then after 10 o’clock we did some planning for the fence to enclose Debbie + the Garcia children this summer; bathed at 11:00; watched TV; OBLO, 12:45.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/08/22/davids-diary-april-24-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – April 24, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    “I walked down to the library to check Books-in-Print” Sigh. No Amazon. 🙂

    “prepared my Sunday school lesson: i.e., read a few chapters in Romans—ugh!” Ha ha! I hated Romans even back then. I can’t imagine that I got my Sunday school lesson from it!

    “Karen Haskell came for Sunday School—we discussed St. Paul, Romans—she has been greatly influenced by fundamentalism.” And the fundies love Romans!


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