David’s Diary – July 4, 1970

Saturday, 4 July 1970

Up by 9:00. Pouring rain! The garden will certainly grow wildly, weeds and all. I had planned to get my sermon half done, then go to Gloucester to get the bulletin inserts from Jim Bussey, but things didn’t work out that way. After breakfast I shaved, then went to Gloucester about 10:00; came back to Rockport, delivered the bulletin inserts to Epis. + Congre. churches. Came home, worked on the sermon with Eddie, Daniel, Christine, Debbie and Bonnie all carrying on in Debbie’s room. I got about ½ done when it was time to keep an appointment with Margaret Reilley—she’s in her temporary—an old barn—apartment on Drumlin [?] Road. We got there about 12:30—stayed til about 2:00. Then went to the garden—Margaret came along to see it. We picked sweet peas. Came on home, I went to see Lucy Patience briefly—took her some sweet peas. Came home, napped til about 4:15, then finished the sermon, typed my bulletin stencil; worked up til almost 6:00. We then went to Lewis’ for supper. We spent an enjoyable evening with them, drove to the party after supper, sat around chatting, planning banners to make for the sanctuary, listening to Jerry play the guitar + sing; came home about 10:45, ran off the bulletins, prepared the service. bathed; OBLO, 12:40.

Sunday, 5 July 1970

[Top panel:  called Beck]

Up about 8:30. Shaved, had breakfast, practiced the sermon. Arrived at church about 9:40. A small turnout—Communion Sunday; I preached on “Our Greatest Enemy” (i.e. apathy). As we were leaving the church a young couple came up to the door, wanted to go in and pray—I said—sure, go ahead. They left after about 5 minutes. I went on home, we fixed lunch. After lunch I tied up my tomato plants. I tried to get to reading, but was drowsy. So I napped in the middle part of the afternoon. Bonnie and Debbie went to the beach. I finally got a little reading done. When Bonnie + Debbie came home we left Debbie under the supervision of the next door neighbors, then went to the garden; we weeded, tended to the tomatoes—and picked a huge batch of snow peas. There’s still 1,000’s left. When we got home we fixed supper; I baked a Duncan Hines butter fudge choc. cake. After supper I got a little more reading done, called Dr. Beck to make an appointment to see him—I’ll go to Lexington on the 17th. I iced the cake; at 9:00 we went down to the Patriquins, had mug-ups—and a nice visit. We came home about 10:40. I then took my bath, and did further reading in von Rad. Certainly didn’t make much progress today, LO midnight.

Monday, 6 July 1970

[Top panel:  called Mass Council of Churches in Boston]

Up about 8:30. My morning was filled with errands and church matters. After a piece of cake for breakfast, I typed the stencil for a letter to the congregation on Peru—appealing for funds. I signed the letters, folded them; then I wrote two articles for the Eagle: one the regular church news, the other on the upcoming drug program. I took these over to the Eagle office, then returned home, shortly before 11:00. I then finished work on the mailing. About 11:45 I shaved, then went to the post office. Stopped at the church briefly, went to Richdales for yogurt, then came home in time for Bonnie to leave for work. I had my lunch, then after 1 o’clock finally got to my reading. Didn’t make much progress at first—Debbie napped in mid-afternoon. I called Paul Kenyon at the Gloucester Daily Times re: an editorial on behalf of the drug program; he informed me of Robert Carter’s death—a man in the play reading group. I worked on reading until late afternoon—then worked on supper. We ate about 6:00; watched CBS news. Tonight Bonnie went to the Community Chorus Rehearsal—I kept to the reading—still in von Rad—very good book—but slow going. Debbie went down for the night about 9:00. When Bonnie got home about 9:45 we had a snack together, then read further until about 11:15. Bathed, read further in von Rad, OBLO, 12:38.

Tuesday, 7 July 1970

[Top panel: Life Art Book came—World of Bernini]

Up about 8:45. Had breakfast; then we all went to Mals in Gloucester—to get paint brushes, small ones for doing posters. Then we went to Bussey’s to pick up the copy of my doctrinal statement which I’d loaned them. We came back to Rockport, then I went to Hatfields to get poster paint; at the church I got set up for our making posters this evening. Came home—the house was full of kids, so I didn’t get much done—but I was rather weary anyway. It was almost noon, so I went about getting my lunch. When Bonnie left for work Debbie took a nap, so I had the afternoon to myself. I napped briefly, then got to reading von Rad. I finally finished reading it shortly before 5:00. Then I set about straightening up my study, which occupied me until supper time; we ate, watched CBS news. At 7:30 we went to the church; Jerry + Carol Lewis (+ Chris) joined us for making posters. At one point I made a quick trip to the Fisks to get my hammer. But we spent the evening making the banners. We made 2—3 X 8 feet. One on the theme, “Who is my neighbor?”—the other, “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” We were finished about 10:30. Came to the house, had cake, then the Lewis left. We set a date for making two more. I took my bath; read in bed; LO, 11:45.

David’s Diary, July 7, 1970

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/09/14/davids-diary-july-4-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – July 4, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    It’s a little amazing there is no mention of July 4th celebrations in town.

    “butter fudge choc. cake” hmmm….I wonder if they still make that! 🙂 “After a piece of cake for breakfast” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    “the copy of my doctrinal statement which I’d loaned them” I did some hunting in my file today for the doctrinal statement….no luck 😦


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