David’s Diary – June 30, 1970

Tuesday, 30 June 1970

Today was a perfect day for reading—it rained all day. I was up about 8:30. Had a quick breakfast, then got to the reading—continuing in von Rad’s Genesis. I’m not able to make as much progress as I’d like; the reading is slow. The translation isn’t as good as it could be—ambiguities. I stopped shortly before noon, had lunch, then was back reading shortly after 1:00. I kept at it consistently all afternoon. Bonnie went grocery shopping, took Debbie with her. Late in the afternoon I shaved, bathed. Also late in the afternoon the Stoners called from Boston—planning to arrive about 8:00—we had an early supper—about 5:45. I had to leave about 6:30. Picked up Gladys Haskell; went to the Lexington Methodist Church for a district conference—and to meet the new D.S.—E. MacKinnon White. We arrived before 7:30. The program didn’t begin until 8:00. There was the business of electing district office(r)s and choosing the name for the new district—“crescent” was selected. The business was over by 9:30, then there was a reception downstairs. I saw Charlie Whitford briefly—but Don McGaw wasn’t there; he might have left for California already. About 10:30 Gladys and I left, after meeting the D.S.—arrived Rockport after 11:00; the Stoners had arrived were already in bed; prepared for bed—read; LO, c. 12:15.

Wednesday, 1 July 1970

Up by about 8:30 (?) Had breakfast, then got to my reading. When I heard Mrs. Stoner up and chatting with Bonnie, I went downstairs to greet her. I got a little more reading done, then we made a trip to the garden; we wanted to show it to Dorothy. Then after we returned I tried to get back to von Rad, but didn’t make too much progress. About noon Bonnie and Dorothy got back from a shopping expedition, we fixed and ate lunch, Bonnie left for work. Dorothy went off shopping again. I got back to reading. About 2:15 I stopped to wash my hair and shave. I’d planned to walk down to the wharf to meet Joe’s boat by 3:30—but it had come in early—and they drove up just as I was ready to leave; Bonnie arrived home early because of light work in the lab. The Stoners stayed only a short while longer. After they left Bonnie, Debbie and I went for a stroll along Bear-Skin neck. Then we came home, fixed supper. We had an early supper because we were going to the show. So supper was over by 6:00. We left Debbie at Patriquins, then went to the Little Arts Cinema—to see The Secret of Santa Vittoria—a good film. Came home—I got right to reading—Bonnie went to get Debbie; I spent the rest of the evening on von Rad. Didn’t make as much progress today as I’d have liked; OBLO, c. 11:45.

Thursday, 2 July 1970

Up after 9:00. Had just a small breakfast, then got to my reading. My progress for the morning was not as great as I had wanted; for one thing, I. F. Stone’s Bi-Weekly came, and I read through it immediately as I usually do. Bonnie went to the garden in the morning to do some weeding. We had lunch about 12:30. Then I got about 2 solid hours of reading done, 1:30–3:30. Then I went to the garden. The tough grass was threatening to crowd out the pole beans, so I wanted to work on it. I came home by 5:00—and spent the next 1½ hours—reading. Then had supper, watched CBS news. After 7:00 shaved, prepared for meeting: the C.A.M.P. council met at the church at 7:30. The attendance wasn’t great, but we made plans for the drug program coming up on July 15. We decided too to invite Mac White to preach at a special installation service in September; set the date for the 2nd C.A.M.P. food sale. The meeting was over about 9:00. Beck(y) Bussey was up at the house here with Bonnie, so Jim and I walked up—then they went home. I watched the rest of Ironsides, then got back to von Rad. I can’t read this book rapidly, but I’m finding it very interesting, very rewarding; bathed about 11:30. Read briefly, OBLO, 12:10.

Friday, 3 July 1970

We were in bed late—didn’t get up til after 9:30. My hope had been to get reading done—but there were distractions. Bonnie wanted to get weeding done—and I wanted to go to Gloucester to get envelopes for my mailing on Peru. So I took Bonnie to the garden, then went with Debbie to Mals. Came back to Rockport, left the envelopes with Mrs. Casey to be address(ed). Came home, looked through the mail, then about 11:45 went back to the garden to get Bonnie; we picked sweet peas. We fixed lunch as soon as we got home, Bonnie left for work. Debbie went down for her nap. I worked in my study—got some more reading done in von Rad, wrote a letter to the new D.S. Also about mid-afternoon put Debbie out in her play yard. I wrote a letter to Mr. Jacob Berkover (Dept Highways) regarding a church sign for the edge of town. Also prepared the rough draft for my letter on Peru. About 5:00 I began working on supper, shelling the peas. We fixed steaks when Bonnie got home; had supper, watched CBS news. I tried to devote the evening to von Rad—since my reading had been neglected so far in the day. There were interruptions, but I did make progress; read til 12:45. Bathed, OBLO, 1:08.

1970-07-03 diary

David’s Diary, July 3, 1970

© 2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/09/13/davids-diary-june-30-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – June 30, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    ” I can’t read this book rapidly, but I’m finding it very interesting,” …despite what I wrote on Tuesday morning.

    “went to the Little Arts Cinema—to see The Secret of Santa Vittoria—a good film.” Gosh, I’d like to see that again. 🙂


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