David’s Diary – June 26, 1970

Friday, 26 June 1970

I had set the alarm for 7:30—but didn’t make it up. Θ before getting up about 8:30. I had breakfast, then got to reading in Nielsen—more tough going. When the mail man came I looked through Life magazine. Also slides came from the processor. So we looked at them; a pretty good batch actually. I worked more on reading until Bonnie left for work. Debbie and I had lunch. Debbie then went down for a nap—she slept all afternoon—I continued working in my study. It was a quiet day—raining; so the Garcia kids were all inside. I worked on the sermon most of the afternoon. I had it more than half done when Bonnie got home from work. I fixed supper. We ate shortly after 6:00. Watched CBS news. Then I got more work done on the sermon; by 8:30 I had it about ¾ done. We then took Debbie to Patriquins, then we went to the Little Arts Theatre to see a movie: “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”—it had a heartbreaking ending, but nonetheless was an excellent film. This was over shortly after 11:00; we picked up Debbie, then came on home; had a snack, then I did more work on the sermon for about another hour—got it completed except for the closing paragraph. The steady rain continues, which means the garden will grow! OBLO c. 1:00 A.M.

Saturday, 27 June 1970

Another morning for being in bed late. We got up about 9:15 after Θ. Had breakfast—then tried to get to work on concluding my sermon. But somehow this was delayed. When the paper came I found that my letter to the editor on smoking on commuter trains had been printed in full. Late in the morning the mail came, with a note from Mr. Villars that my JBL would be returned in the fall! I showed this to Eddie and gave him the slides taken in his upstairs apt. the night that Villars had moved out. Late in the morning—actually 12:00-1:00—I spent making a sign to go on the church door tomorrow about the hymn sing. Much of my time today was spent on the phone trying to locate a copy of God Bless America—but with no luck. Also in the A.M. I date(d) the latest box of slides. After eating (c.1:30) I shaved, then did some calling; went to see the Hannibals, then to Esther Longley. Then I went to the garden, got some things for us and for Lucy Patience. Came home, helped with supper. After supper I worked at my desk; read an article on sex selection of a child—we’ll be using its techniques in a few months; I did my bulletins, prepared the service, then practiced the sermon—bathed after 11:00. Watched the news; OBLO, 11:55.

Sunday, 28 June 1970

Up about 8:15. Had breakfast, shaved, practiced the sermon. Headed for the church about 9:30; preached on “Christian Patriotism”—I had some flack from people who like Agnew—but also had some support. We were home by 11:45—long choir rehearsal. Fixed lunch, worked with my tomato plants. After lunch I got down to doing some reading—finished Nielsen’s Oral Tradition. Then I baked a cake and got started on von Rad’s Genesis—I made some progress in what time I had left for reading. We had supper about 6:00. Then I read, and listened to the Boston Pops. At 7:00 I went down to the church. Bonnie went to Patriquins instead of to the hymnsing because her throat still is not in good shape—and she sang this morning. We had a small crowd out for the hymnsing—about  25—Dick Manson led; Mrs. Lilja played. This was over by 8:30—I enjoyed the sing very much tonight—we sang some of my favorites. Went directly to Patriquins—did stop at home to get the cake and the movie screen. We showed them out latest box of slides—had mug-ups. But we didn’t stay late. Came home about 10:15—immediately we bathed, together. Then I turned to get some more reading done in von Rad—but became to(o) sleepy to(o) quickly; its a good book, but requires close attention; OBLO, 11:15.

Monday, 29 June 1970

Up about 8:30 (?) Had breakfast; wrote article for the Eagle—read a while, shaved; shortly after 10:00 took the article to the Eagle office; then I dropped in to see Mrs. Niemi, to inform her about plans to merge parts of the Sunday school; then I left our check for the church—and last night’s collection—with Jean Crowell at the bank. Came home—mail had arrived; there was an invitation to attend my high school class reunion—the day after tomorrow! I did some reading before having lunch—which I had just before Bonnie left for work. I tried to devote my afternoon to reading. Debbie spent the early part of the afternoon in the play yard—and I did my studying downstairs while she was out there. Then about mid-afternoon I brought her in for a nap. But I continued to read downstairs—just for a change of scenery. About 5:00 I began preparations for supper—but continued reading until about 6:15. Had supper watched CBS news. At 7:30 I went to St. Mary’s Church for Joint Church Committee—to work out more details on merging part of our Sunday schools. We made further progress. Decided to rely largely on UCC materials. We’ll meet again in July. Home by 10:30. Had a snack, but then got to reading again. Made a little progress. OBLO, 11:45.

Diary entry for June 29, 1970

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/09/12/davids-diary-june-26-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – June 26, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    “Much of my time today was spent on the phone trying to locate a copy of God Bless America—but with no luck.” SO much time wasted in the pre-Google days, 🙂

    ““Christian Patriotism”—I had some flack from people who like Agnew—but also had some support” Some things never change, I guess….

    “there was an invitation to attend my high school class reunion…” And I still get those!


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