David’s Diary – July 12, 1970

Sunday, 12 July 1970

[Top panel: took 3 pictures of rainbow about 5:45]

Up about 8:30. Shaved, had breakfast, practiced the sermon, headed to the church; preached on “Ishmael and Emmanuel”—on suffering, God hears, God is with us. We took up the special collection on Peru this morning; Jean Crowell called me later in the day with the report that #141.39 was received, which is pretty good. There were a lot of visitors in church; we got home, had lunch about noon. About 12:30 Jerry and Carol Lewis left Chris (3 mos.) with us—they were off for an afternoon of sailing with the Lash’s. Bonnie was preoccupied with him—I got to studying—began reading the book of Deuteronomy, before reading von Rad’s book. About 2:30 I had to get ready to go to Den-Mar. Left about 2:45, took Kay Patriquin along. We had a nice service, since some elderly ladies who had been visiting in church decided to show up. Two even sang a duet! After the service several of us called on Esther Longley, who is in the Den-Mar. I was home by 4:00. Went back to reading in Deut. About 5:30 Lewises arrived home—soaking wet. Traffic jam. They’d left their car on Main St—and run up here in a downpour. We’d been working on supper with them in mind, so they stayed. We had supper and a nice visit together; they left about 8:00. Then I got back to reading—which I kept at until about 10:45. Bathed. OBLO c. midnight Θ+

Monday, 13 July 1970

Up by 9:30. Had breakfast, typed an article for the Eagle—took this to the Eagle office about 10:15. Came home; Homer Orne was here with the check representing the “Peru” offering—$142. I’ll mail it in. Went down to the church to change the wayside pulpit, take photos of the two banners which are up. Came on home again. Finally I got to my reading. Finished Deuteronomy—after Bonnie had left for work—before breaking for lunch. I shaved before eating. Just as I was finishing, the doorbell rang—Don McGaw—a free afternoon, he came to Rockport to return my sports coat (I left it in Medford the night I was coming down with the mumps) and to shop. We had a nice visit; I woke Debbie up, and we all went to the garden; Don was impressed. I gave him some snow-peas, potatoes, squash, lettuce. We came on back home; he went down to the house of glass. I stayed home, puttered around, read the paper; I didn’t feel like getting involved in my reading. Don returned, then took off. Bonnie got home, we had supper. Watched CBS news. Bonnie spent the evening at Community Chorus rehearsal; I forged ahead with reading: von Rad’s Studies in Deuteronomy—not easy to read; knocked off about 11:15, bathed; OBLO, c. 12:15.

Tuesday, 14 July 1970

The fire-alarm went off around 1:00 AM last night, hence, I was a while getting to sleep. At 9:00 AM I was sound asleep when the phone rang—Jim Bussey re: tomorrow evening’s drug program. After I hung up I crawled back into bed for a few more minutes. Got up about 9:30. Had breakfast—after I took envelopes to Mrs. Cooney to be addressed and went to the P.O. Then I got right to reading. I spent the rest of the morning reading (von Rad’s Studies in Deuteronomy) which I finished shortly after 1:00—Bonnie had gone to work after feeding Debbie. Debbie slept most of the afternoon. I had my lunch, wrote a letter to Nancy Funk—I had received an invitation from her to a class reunion. After eating I typed this up. —Then began work on Mowinchel’s The Psalms in Israel’s Worship. I will be occupied with this book for several days now. If I can have quiet and concentrate I find it not difficult reading. The translator has done a good job. I started supper about 5:00, but continued to read, even after Bonnie came home. Read til about 6:20. Ate supper, watched CBS news. Then I spent the evening reading—i.e., quit about 10:00. Called Don McGaw re: hymn sing. We have invited him and Lawry to come up for supper that evening too. Bathed; Θ+ LO, 11:10.

Wednesday, 15 July 1970

Up about 8:30—had to meet Mrs. Cooney at the back fence with the envelopes she’d addressed, for mailing to the congregation. After having breakfast I went to Gloucester, to Wesley church, to get things set up for tonight’s drug program. I stopped first at McDowell’s in Gloucester to get name tags. Came on back to Rockport, removed Jim Bussey’s name from the wayside pulpit since he’s left for Indiana—so no pulpit exchange. I shaved in the early afternoon after having lunch. I had called the phone company after getting home in the morning, because the phone wasn’t working. It gave a busy signal instead of a dial tone. I tried to get reading done in Mowinckel, but didn’t make much progress; the phone repair man came about 3:00—was here until c. 4:30, and I didn’t get very much accomplished while he was here. We had to have an early dinner—about 6:00 we had planned, but the chicken wasn’t quite done—so 6:15—I had to rush to leave about 6:35. Picked up Gladys Haskell. The evening was spent at Wesley Church—not a very good turnout for the drug program—about 50. Lasted from 7:00 to 11:00—but Gladys and I didn’t get away til about midnight. Came home, bathed, then got to bed about 12:50.

David’s Diary, 15 July 1970

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/09/17/davids-diary-july-12-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – July 12, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    “We had a nice service, since some elderly ladies who had been visiting in church decided to show up. Two even sang a duet!” That was cool!

    “I had my lunch, wrote a letter to Nancy Funk—I had received an invitation from her to a class reunion.” I actually met Nancy many years later, when she was visiting New York.


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